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What is One Design Sailing?

One design is a form of racing where all boats are virtually identical or similar in design. Class-legal boats race each other without any handicap calculations, start at the same time, and the winner is the first to cross the finish line.

There are more than 200 actively raced one design classes in the U.S. The classes range from eight-foot Optimist dinghies to the 12 Meter sailboats, J/105, Farr 40s, and more.

One design classes are broken down into fleets that are located at various locations like, yacht clubs, sailing centers and other organizations. Club or fleet racing takes place on a regular basis all over the country, and many fleets welcome newcomers. Contact your local sailing organizations to get involved in one design sailing and ask for the name(s) of the fleet captain(s).



US Sailing's MVP Membership Program is a “win-win” for one design classes and sailors!

When a class association joins US Sailing as an MVP member, the class receives credits when a sailor from their class joins or renews their US Sailing membership. Sailors receive special discounted membership pricing, and class associations can use the credits to support their programs. The best part is that there is no added cost to class associations!


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One Design Sailing Awards

US Sailing recognizes One Design achievements through the One Design Sailing Awards.

One Design Awards include:

John H. Gardner Jr. Trophy for One-Design Service, One-Design Club Award, One-Design Creativity Award, One-Design Leadership Award, and One-Design Regatta Reward.

To learn more about each award and submit a nomination today click the link below:

NOMINATIONS CLOSE November 30, 2021

Are you new to sailing?

The right sailing program for you might be just down thea street!

Dinghy (Small Boats)

Dinghy sailing is a simple, inexpensive way to get started in the sport in small boats. The fundamental basics of sailing are most easily learned in dinghies. Many dinghies are designed for both youth and adults though some, like the Optimist, are designed specifically for youth sailors.  Dinghy sailing can provide a lifetime of enjoyment through recreational and competitive sailing. Generally, dinghies are under 22 feet in length. They include a wide assortment of designs that typically have centerboards or daggerboards. Because of their size and simplicity, many dinghies can be sailed by just one, two, or three people.

Learning to sail is part dream, part great instruction, and part hands-on experience. Most youth start sailing in dinghies many adults do too! Many youth and community based sailing programs offer learn to sail courses for adults in small boats.













Browse our Where to Sail map for listings of sailing schools, yacht clubs, and community sailing centers near you.


Where to Sail

Small Keelboat

If you are looking to learn how to sail on a more stable platform, small keelboats might be the way to go for you. This type of boat has a weighted keel that counter-balances the force on the sails. US Sailing Accredited Keelboat Schools offer up to seven levels of courses where you can accumulate skills and experience with each level of certification. This Learn to Sail Certification Program starts with Basic Keelboat and progresses on to whatever level you choose. Having a US Sailing Keelboat Certification may make it easier for you to rent or charter a boat, but it will give you the ability to sail with confidence.

Not every learn to sail location is a US Sailing Accredited Keelboat School. Ask if they offer learn to sail courses on small keelboats.



Class News and Resource Center

Share timely news, resources, and content from your class association across all classes on One Design Central. This area is NOT meant to be used for regatta specific information; event recaps, press releases.

Types of Shareable Content for posting:

  • Best practices
  • Equipment updates
  • Class rules updates
  • Human Interest story
  • Tips/Help/Support
  • Online Symposiums
  • Measurement updates/seminars
  • World Event, Rally, Sailing Festival

Please send your published content to with URL so we can post and link back to your class website or Face Book page.

We know you are running and organizing great regattas for your classes! Thank you for serving the sport. However, this space is NOT for regatta/event recaps and press releases.

Put US Sailing on Your Email List:



Class News and Resource Center










One Design Racing

Competition naturally results when sailors and boats get together in the same place and sail around each other.  It is normal for a sailor to want to test his or her skills against other sailors.  The way to do that is by racing.  For one design sailors, there are many options when it comes to formats for racing.

Fleet Racing

Fleet Racing is a type of racing in One Design classes where all boats of the same type race against each other at the same time on the same course. The winner of a One Design fleet race is the boat who crosses the finish line first.

2009 Sunfish Worlds photos-credit

More Fleet Racing information to follow as page is built out- a redirect link to a Fleet Racing page will be placed here.



Team Racing

Team Racing is a type of racing where one team (comprised of two, three or four boats) competes against another team in the same kind of One Design boat.  The team who wins the race between the two has a lower combined score than the other team using low point scoring (first =1 point; second = 2 points; third = 3 points, and so on).




Match Racing

Match Racing is a type of racing between two One Design boats.  It is one boat vs. the other boat.  The winner of the race is whichever crosses the finish line first with any or all obligations/penalties satisfied.

Match Racing Women's match racing 2019 USWMRC women sailing



Adaptive Racing

Adaptive Racing may also be referred to as Para Sailing, and is for sailors who have a disability (physical, vision-impaired, intellectual, cognitive, etc) who are participating in an event with other sailors with a disability.  Most of these races take place in One Design boats that have been adapted for the sailor to aid independent operation of the boat.  Many of these races take place at events that include clinics.  Para Sailors may also be found racing in "Open"  events against able-bodied sailors.

Adapive Racing
Adaptive Racing- 2018 Clagett Regatta- 2.4mR



Ratings Racing/Portsmouth Yardstick

Ratings racing is a type of fleet racing and is typically done by a fleet comprised of a variety of one design boats.  This may be a great solution for an organization or location that doesn't have enough of any  single kind of one-design boat to create its own fleet but when grouped together can form a combined fleet.

Portsmouth Yardstick is ​one of the most widely used handicapping system.  It is based on average historic performance data ​of a class to assign a "rating" to each One Design boat in the fleet. The Portsmouth Yardstick is a handicapping system that allows multiple classes of one designs and other smaller boats to sail on the same starting line and race course with corrected time results. The winner is determined by the formula provided in the rating rule.

Portsmouth Yard Stick Start line
Race Start for a Rating Race

US Sailing has partnered with the RYA to create a more robust platform for Portsmouth Yardstick Racing using the PYOnline platform.

The new PYOnline platform is exclusively for US Sailing member organizations. PYOnline will produce updated ratings for each class after a day or event of sailing.

Key Advantages:

  • PY Online streamlines submitting race results digitally, with the potential to update ratings on a daily basis.
  • Each Club has their own portal in PY Online allowing local updates to specific classes for better racing based upon local conditions.
  • The ratings will become more accurate over time, ensuring that competition stays fresh on the water. This means no one boat or class is guaranteed a win or loss based upon ratings alone.
  • US Sailing will update the national ratings for a given class on an annual basis, based upon the ratings used by the individual clubs.

Portsmouth Yardstick racing becomes better, more robust and more fun with more clubs and sailors participating. Please consider adding a mixed fleet racing event or series to your calendar. Contact with any questions or to discuss how PYOnline can help your organization.


What you need to know aoout the New Portsmouth Yardstick Online. A Q/A with Nathan Titcomb.



A PHASE II BUILD OUT FEATURE that is currently under construction.

What class is right for me?

This section will provide sailors with an interactive tool to help sort through various one design classes by answering a few questions. It will enable sailors to find a boat that best meets their needs. Please be patient as we work on this feature.

As we build this out, the search will filter through information based on a series of questions on things like:

  • Location
  • Youth or Adult
  • Total number of crew
  • Physical stature
  • Spinnaker/non
  • and other search options







Class Finder

Sail and Kite Boards

Need to edit your class page? Just send an email to:

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Are you an experienced sailor looking for a place to get out on the water?

If you are an experienced sailor, you may find yourself traveling or looking locally for a place to race or just go sailing. Visit our FLEET FINDER SEARCH to see what class fleets are close to home or near to where you might be traveling.

Don't see a class fleet represented, reach out to your class administrator and have them contact: to learn how they can add fleets to the Fleet Finder Search.

This page is continually being updated with new additions of fleets, so check back regularly.

Fleet/Class Support

Class Governance Resources

  • Certified Race Officer Insurance. US Sailing extends its commercial insurance for the benefit of US Sailing’s certified race officers, certified judges, and certified umpires, and to non-certified officials acting as volunteers for US Sailing (collectively referred to as Certified Race Officials (CRO)). Each specific scenario determines if US Sailing’s insurance is primary, excess, or does not apply. Learn More
  • SafeSport - SafeSport training is a free online course that provides education and certification on sexual misconduct, emotional and physical misconduct and understanding your responsibilities around mandatory reporting. Learn More
  • Ten Commandments for Successful One-Design Management by Gay Lynn

Race/Regatta Management Resources

Whether you are running an event for the first time or an experienced event planner, US Sailing has the tools to help you succeed.


Fleet Support

We are in the process of collecting articles and information that will help a broad spectrum of one design classes and fleets with the topics listed above. If you have an article or information that you can contribute to this section, please send it via email to:


Safety Concerns


US Sailing is committed to fostering a fun, healthy, and safe environment for all sailor athletes.

Social Resources

US Sailing Facebook One- Design Forum

  • US Sailing Facebook Leadership Forum
  • Coming Soon - New to the  US Sailing Facebook- Leadership Forum- a One Design Sub group


Sailor Resources

Crew HQ

Tools for Organizing Your Team:

Crew Manager
Providing a boat website with features the skipper and crew will use throughout the sailing season.

Enabling crew members to indicate their availability and you to select who will race.

Providing an extensive set of crew / team management tools.

Bringing crew and captains one click closer.

Crew Finder - Short Notice

Helping everyone spend less time organizing and more time on the water.

Taking the work out of play.


Crew Medical & Health Insurance - Specialized health insurance with worldwide overage for professional sailors, coaches, instructors, Olympic team members, collegiate sailing athletes, paid crew/captains, and international cruisers who are members of US Sailing. Learn More.

One Design Insurance Program. Specialized insurance for one-design boats under 30-feet. Can be purchased online. US Sailing members may be eligible for a10% discount. Learn More.

Tactics & Strategy

Content under construction

  • North U is offers live and on-demand webinars on tactics and sail trim. US Sailing members are being offering special pricing on these sessions. Visit the North U website and use promo code USS20NU to save 25% and gain access. The North U Trim Webinar is a series of 4 sessions. Purchase individual sessions at $30 each (regularly $40) or all 4 session for $108.75 (regularly $145).
  • Youth Racing Central- US Sailing Members Only Feature- Login with your member ID and password- Youth and Adults Welcome


One-Design Event Calendar (add your class events here)

US Sailing One Design Calendar

U.S. Championships, Olympics, World Events

  • What Are My Options



    • Requirements for Hosting One Design Class World Events in the U.S.A.

      The US Sailing Board of Directors is authorized to grant approval, pursuant to World Sailing Regulation 25, for world and North American championships to be held in the United States. Please submit the form below to request US Sailing's approval. The Board of Directors will consider your request as soon as practicable. Requests should be submitted well in advance – please allow at least 6-12 months. Both the class association and the event host must be members of US Sailing. The Class Association and the Event Host Organization are required to be members of US Sailing. To join or renew, please visit For more information, please email or phone 800-877-2451.

      • Filing World Events with US Sailing -
      • VISA and ESTA Requirements/Procedures for International Competitors
        • Any foreign Athlete participating in a World or Continental US event being held in the U.S.A. traveling from the following countries must contact US Sailing to file a National Interest Exemption 212(f) waiver with the Department of Homeland Security. This waiver is not a guaranteed entry but rather a courtesy letter to those traveling from specific countries. Currently Customs and Boarder Protection is only processing waiver requests for travel to the US within 30 days and from the countries listed on the Restricted Country List. For most up to date list click here :
        •  Asia/Middle East -China, Iran 
          Europe- Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece,  Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City
        • United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
          South America- Brazil
        • Repulic of Ireland
        • South Africa
        • India
        • Covid Protocol Sample

Stay Healthy - Fitness and Training



Archived Editions of THE ONE DESIGN LINE:

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One Design Experiences with  

My Class, My Story: The Comet

'One sailor’s Deep connection to his beloved one-design class serves as an example of why we sail the boats we do.'

By Dave Reed

We all have it: that human fascination with the new. Even the cereal I’ve been eating for years is now “new and improved” (which makes we wonder whether Quaker has been selling me an inferior breakfast all these years). I digress. Our curiosity is for new, new, new, all the time. New boats, new races, new classes, new experiences — you name it. We fill our social media feeds, our websites and even the pages of this magazine with new things. And while we’re all so focused on the new, it’s easy to ignore the older classes, boats and fleets that the majority of racers hold near and dear.Click here to continue reading.

If you are interested in submitting a My Class, My Story article, contact:





One Design Central Sailing World My Class My Story The Comet
Sailing World My Class, My Story: The Comet: Comet Class President Talbott Ingram surfs across the line to a close finish, Photo credit: Comet Class Association


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      • The Burgee Program - Club and Organization Insurance.
        The only comprehensive insurance program developed to meet the distinctive needs of yacht clubs, community programs, and sailing organizations. US Sailing members eligible for a 10% discount on the marine components of the program. Learn more.


A Special THANK YOU to the 45 Volunteers From:

  • Six Working Parties who took on topics identified from the One Design Sailors and Classes Survey from October 2019
  • 62 One Design Classes
  • 23 states across the country

It is through your passion, dedication and contributions that we were able to create this interactive webpage for One Design Sailors and Classes.