The Reach Program utilizes sailing as an educational platform, challenging youth to embrace education, establish a love of learning and explore productive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) based careers. Combining educators, sailing instructors, engineers, scientists with today’s youth to provide them with a one of a kind authentic learning experience, giving students the opportunity to apply classroom learning in a cooperative work environment.


US Sailing’s REACH program strives to engage youth and enhance career opportunities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Environmental Stewardship through authentic learning experiences.


Provide guidance, feedback and direction for organizations seeking to improve their own curricula, lessons plans and programming. Build a national curriculum that connects academics and sailing through authentic learning experiences. Inspire students to become environmental stewards and socially responsible individuals.

Educational Partnerships

The US Sailing Reach Initiative had a unique opportunity to participate in activities hosted by the 2017 America’s Cup Endeavour Education Station, presented by Orbis, during the 35th America's Cup. US Sailing’s Reach Initiative is an official “Educational Partner” of the America’s Cup Endeavour Program.

How can you participate in the Reach Initiative?

  1. Register for the STEM Educator Course. - Find a Reach course near you!
  2. Try the curriculum! Perfect for Adventure Sailing. Take a look at our curriculum teaser here!
  3. Host a STEM Educator Course for sailing instructors and teachers.
  4. 4. Already implementing Reach? Pilot one of the 8 new Reach Modules


What does the Reach Initiative look like at my school or sailing program?

  1. See Reach in action at Community Boating Center and New England Science and Sailing.
  2. Partnership Guide for Schools or Youth Organization created by Community Boating Center (sample budget included)
  3. Host a Reach Event - Sailing through STEM Night at your program!
  4. Take a field trip to a local Sail Loft.

Where can you find Reach?

Implementing Reach and don’t see your program? Register your organization!