US Sailing Measurer’s Seminar


General Announcement for Measurer’s Seminar 2024

US Sailing is hosting a Measurer’s Training Seminar this February in San Diego, California. The goal of this event is to gather current and prospective measurers from throughout North America for in-depth training that leads to recognition as a US Sailing Measurer. This training will cover measurement principles aligned with ORC, ORR, and IRC rules, ensuring participants gain expertise across all rating systems.

Chris Tutmark, Head Measurer for US Sailing, in collaboration with members of the ORC, has crafted a comprehensive curriculum aimed at cultivating proficiency in measurement, accuracy, and adherence to rules and protocols set forth by the rating systems.

If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a US Sailing Recognized Measurer, please contact the Offshore Office today at .

Where: San Diego Yacht Club, San Diego, California

Dates: February 16th-19th, 2024


Additional information can be found here - US Sailing Measurer Training Seminar 2024 Agenda