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Safety at Sea Courses are for everyone:
Cruisers; Power boaters & Sailboat Racers

Special Equipment Regulations (SERs) help determines what level of Safety at Sea training is required for different races. Here's a table that helps explain it: Once you know what kind of training you need, then find a course that works for you.

2020-2021 Offshore Special Regulations

SER Categories

Note – Look at the NOR of your event to see if your race changes this.

SER Coastal Races, 4.3.2

SER Ocean Races, 4.3.1

World Sailing OSR Categories

Note – Look at the NOR of your event to see if your race changes this.

World Sailing OSR Category 1, 2

World Sailing OSR Category 0

  • International Offshore Safety at Sea Course with Hands-on Training (this complies with World Sailing Offshore Personal Survival Course guidelines)
  • All Safety at Sea certificates are valid for five years from the date of the course.
  • Those people who have received an International World Sailing certificate within the last 10-years, may attend a International World Sailing refresher course.
  • If a course is taken in two stages (classroom vs. hands-on), the earliest date is what is shown on your Safety at Sea certificate.
  • If the two stages are taken at different times, they must be taken within 365 days of one another. Due to cancellations or postponements of Safety at Sea courses during the current COVID-19 health crisis, any sailor that took either an Offshore Online or Offshore In-Person course in 2019 and will miss the 365-day window to take a Hands-On course for the International Offshore Certificate will have the 365-day window extended by 12 months.  This only applies to 2019 Offshore SAS Certificate holders.