Youth Sailing

USA Junior Olympic Sailing Festivals

USA Sailing Junior Olympic Sailing Festivals are the spark that ignite a lifelong love for racing

For young sailors who are new to racing and experienced junior sailors with high aspirations, USA Junior Olympic Sailing Festivals are the perfect starting line.

Every year 4,000+ young sailors join in the fun and excitement of Junior Olympic Sailing Festivals.  These events improve racing skills, connect young sailors with new friends and serve as a gateway to future opportunities in the sport. A JO event at your club can energize your youth program through a mix of competition and fun sailing activities for sailors at all levels. Junior Olympic Sailing is coordinated by US Sailing and sponsored nationally by Sperry and New England Ropes.

Junior Olympic Goals:
  • Engage young people in the excitement of sailing
  • Encourage young sailors to enjoy racing
  • Increase participation locally, regionally and nationally through USA Junior Olympic Festivals
  • Improve skills of young sailors through training

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Host a Junior Olympic Festival

A JO Festival can be the spark that ignites your junior sailing program. Your club or community sailing program can host a JO event that incorporates competition, education and fun.

Responsibilities of a JO host

What makes JO events different?

  • A national program that ties all events together.
  • National publicity
  • Support of generous national sponsor: New England Ropes.
  • Introduction of the Olympic aspect (opening ceremony, podium medal ceremony, etc.)
  • JO medals for skipper and crew
  • Education incorporated at all events; Fun activities at select events.
  • Lots of participant giveaways and door prizes.
  • A top-notch event, consistent with US Sailing’s standards of outstanding race management.
  • Kid-friendly NOR and SI guidelines
  • A website full of tools and resources to make your event better!