Race Officers

RC 101

Race Committee 101...

...is a 90-minute talk & PowerPoint that takes beginners through basic race committee concepts such as types of boats and racing, the purpose and duties of the race committee, equipment and jobs of the race committee, and what to expect out on the water. This program is perfect for an evening presentation to new members or a first introduction to race committee work.

“RC 101” is not a training course, but it does provide an overview of race committee functions for those who are interested in learning more. The course is designed to be used in conjunction with US Sailing’s Join the Race Committee Team! booklet, and can be presented by Club Race Officers and other RC officials. Please email Race Administration or call 401-342-7900 for assistance.


Download RC 101 Materials


Please download all of the RC 101 materials in the Dropbox folder:
  1. RC 101 v6.1.1.pptx
  2. RC 101 Instructor Guide
  3. RC 101 Slide Notes and Schedule
  4. RC 101 Flyer