Teaching and Coaching Fundamentals Online

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Teaching and Coaching Fundamentals Online (TCFO) gives you the building blocks of good instructional practices to become an effective educator on and off the water.

Created through a partnership project with the United States Olympic Committee, this free, online course merges the worlds of teaching & coaching. At US Sailing we do both, teach and coach. The course focuses on keeping learning safe and fun while breaking down complex skills into smaller parts or focus skills in an effort to build a lifelong sailor.

What Teaching and Coaching Fundamentals Online covers
  • Updated information about safety & risk management
  • Multiple pathways teaching
  • Different learning styles
  • The US Sailing Signature Progression of Learning. This includes chalk talk, land drill and water drill with instructor demo and student practice, followed by a debrief.
  • Updated material from the original Teaching Fundamentals for Sailing Instructors

By being better educated and more aware of how people lean and how to keep the sport fun while focusing on skill development, each of us will contribute to the future of our sport and its athletes. Once you complete the online course, your TCFO training will be logged on your membership record in the US Sailing database.

Course Participants

Teaching and Coaching Fundamentals is a prerequisite for the following courses, effective March 15, 2019:

  • Basic Keelboat Instructor
  • Safe Powerboat Handling Instructor
  • Reach Educator
  • Adaptive Sailing Instructor
  • Small boat Level 1 Instructor courses will not begin requiring TCFO until September 15, 2019.

All Race Administration Seminar Leaders, Instructors, Coaches, Instructor Trainers and Safety at Sea Seminar Leaders must have completed TCFO by December 31, 2019, or at their earliest re-certification point -- whichever comes first -- in order for their certification to remain valid.