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Community Sailing Center Accreditation

The mission of the Community Sailing Committee is to promote and support community sailing in the United States. We recognize diversity as essential to achieving our mission. For the Committee, diversity refers to the differences of culture, ethnicity, race, gender, age, beliefs, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, family status, physical ability, appearance, and ideas. We are committed to achieving greater diversity throughout the sport and fostering an environment that is more inclusive. To help us achieve our mission, we seek to identify organizations that provide the highest quality of education and support access to sailing for all. These are organizations that align with the standards set forth by US Sailing and offer safety, fun and learning through their programming. Under the direction of the committee, US Sailing provides grants, accreditation, and resources to support the growth of Community Sailing.

Accredited organizations are expected to promote this mission in their operations and efforts, intentionally assisting the Community Sailing Committee in furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion within the sport of sailing. An accredited organization differentiates itself from a sailing school in that it not only aims to provide high quality sailing education, but also aims to increase the diversity of the population that has access to sailing education and the sport itself.

Programs of all types (year-round or seasonal, youth or adult, etc.) are eligible to apply for accreditation, provided they meet the specific guidelines set forth by the Accreditation Application. Sailing programs affiliated with yacht clubs, but are open to the public and have a 501(c)3 status are also welcome to apply for Accreditation.

Benefits of Accreditation

  • Nationally recognized as top sailing centers in the country in terms of safety and teaching standards, quality of staff and instruction, professionalism and how the center offers access and enjoyment of sailing to the public.
  • Can use the distinction to attract donors, win grants, and increase participation in their programs.
  • Eligible for specific grant opportunities through US Sailing.
  • Eligible for a 50% annual discount on a Small Boat Level 2 or Level 3 Coach or Head Instructor Course or Reach Educator Course.
  • Centers receive a “Community Sailing Center” burgee as well as the use of the formal logo in their promotional materials each year.
  • Leaders from across the country support applicants from mentorship to feedback, improving your program along the way.
  • Accredited Centers are included in a network of Accredited Centers, invited to participate in the governing process that molds, shapes and improves the quality and reach of US Sailing programs, by being involved with the Community Sailing Committee.

Application Requirements: To learn more about the process, please download the Accreditation Guidelines & Application to view the requirements.

To Apply: Please complete the Online Application:

online application

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