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Community Sailing Center Accreditation

Join the 43 Accredited Community Sailing Centers in the United States! US Sailing’s Community Sailing Accreditation Program identifies and accredits those community sailing programs that are offering the highest level of boating education and public access across the United States. By accrediting programs that only meet the highest standards, as set forth in the application process, the Program aims to offer a national standard for community sailing programs. Accredited programs use US Sailing certified instructors, have detailed emergency and safety procedures, use curricula that meet US Sailing’s teaching standards, and are properly insured.

Programs of all types (year-round or seasonal, youth or adult, etc.) are eligible to apply for accreditation, provided they meet the specific guidelines set forth by the Accreditation Application. Sailing programs affiliated with yacht clubs, but are open to the public and have a 501(c)3 status are also welcome to apply for Accreditation.

Application Requirements: To learn more about the process, please download the Accreditation Guidelines & Application to view requirements. If you would like to understand more about the Qualify Assurance Assessment used in the process you can read more here: Quality Assurance Assessment

To Apply: Please complete the Online Application:

online application

Not sure if you're ready for Accreditation?: Fill out this contact form and we can connect you with a member of our Accreditation Working Party who can answer your questions and assist you with the application process.