Measurement & Certification

For measurement rules managed by US Sailing, the Offshore office manages and certifies all data inputs used in the rating process through the Universal Certification System (UCS). This requires a careful attention to detail and the coordination of contributions from owners, official measurers, sailmakers, designers, boatyards, and race organizers. Data management is paramount to ensure each boat has a rating that is suitable for fair competition. For more information about measurement and rating requirements, please visit our Rating Rules and Handicapping Systems page or contact

Beyond this, US Sailing is responsible for training official measurers for the Universal Measurement System (UMS) used by the IRC and ORC. Stationed around the country, these individuals are responsible for supplying accurate field measurements to the Offshore office.

Interested in serving the sailing community as an official yacht or sail measurer? Please contact

PHRF Admin Resources

The US Sailing PHRF Support Service is designed to manage sailboat data and rating information for PHRF fleets. Participating fleets have the ability to focus on defining handicaps and serving sailors, while US Sailing manages revalidations, new applications, payment, and fleet data with guaranteed security and protection. US Sailing is dedicated to providing sailing organizations with practical resources that assist in streamlining these administrative tasks.

How does the database management service work?

1. US Sailing distributes annual certificate renewal notices via email. Certificate holders can renew, modify, or enter a new boat online by logging into their “My US Sailing” page.
2. New applications and non-standardized changes received by US Sailing will be forwarded to the fleet handicapping committee for rating assessment.
3. PHRF Fleet Membership is required to participate and boat owners must be US Sailing Members. US Sailing retains a processing fee of $10 per certificate, while the remainder of the collected fees is forwarded to the fleet.

How does my fleet get started?

All US Sailing PHRF Fleet Members are eligible to use this service. Contact your fleet committee to have them join today!

To access the My US Sailing page, individual sailors must become members of US Sailing. Access to the complete PHRF Fleet Handicap Book is included with membership, join today!

For more information and answers to your questions regarding this service, please contact US Sailing at

Stan Honey, 2010 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year

“This project is a terrific example of US Sailing’s efforts to support the large community of handicap racers around the country. It’s a great opportunity for local fleets to take advantage of US Sailing’s investment into database tools. As a long time PHRF handicap committee member, I appreciate how much effort it requires for each PHRF fleet to maintain their own database.”

Jim Walsh, Treasurer of PHRF-MA

“PHRF-MA has been using the US Sailing’s PHRF Support Service for the last two years. This service has taken away the time consuming job of tracking, printing and emailing members’ certificates from our volunteers. The response time from US Sailing to our members has been well above our expectations. Once we uploaded our database with base ratings and adjustments things have run very smooth and now our certificates go out much faster than when we did all the work. I would recommend this service to any PHRF fleet.”

Portsmouth Yardstick Admin

Clubs are invited to report their race results annually via e-mail to Some sample reporting sheets may be found at the bottom of this page.

Please include the following race information:

  • Class Code
  • Average Wind Speed
  • Elapsed times
  • Corrected Times

Various reporting formats are acceptable including Excel, Word, HTML, TXT, Sailwave, and other popular scoring programs. Please share your club or fleet’s race results to improve the validity of the Yardstick. Thank you for your interest in and use of the North American Portsmouth Yardstick. © 2011

Data Submittal
Handicapping Sheet
Race Committee Sheet

Safety at Sea

Safety at Sea (SaS) is a set of curricula targeted at raising situational awareness, preparation, and seamanship amongst competitive sailors and offshore cruisers alike. The courses offered include Half-Day Coastal (available as online offering), One-Day Offshore, and Two-Day Offshore with Hands-On Training. The Offshore SaS seminar with Hands-On Training satisfies World Sailing certification requirements.

The US Sailing Safety at Sea Committee manages US prescriptions to World Sailing’s Offshore Special Regulations (OSRs), craft and maintain Special Equipment Regulations (SERs), and develops the various SaS curricula in conjunction with World Sailing and subject matter experts. These documents often serve cited under the Notice of Race (NOR) for various offshore races as points of compliance. Additionally, the Committee is responsible for considering applications for the Hanson Rescue Awards.

The Offshore office coordinates with seminar organizers to ensure appropriate measures are taken in accord with the Sanctioning Agreement and Seminar Planning Guide . This oversight ensures moderator training, guest speaker credentials, branding, scheduling, advertisement, and costing are standardized nationwide. Additionally, the office issues finalized certificates upon recommendation from event organizers.

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Sail Numbers

US Sailing’s Offshore office is responsible for overseeing the assignment of national sail numbers in accordance with World Sailing regulations. Nationally assigned sail numbers are required for boats subject to Appendix G of the Racing Rules of Sailing and are a valuable identifying feature for any yacht.

US Sailing coordinates with several regional racing authorities to ensure sail numbers are appropriately allocated without duplication across the country.

To obtain a sail number, please contact your local authority (see below). In regions administered by US Sailing, please submit your Sail Number Order and Application. Available sail numbers are allocated to these authorities as blocks as outlined in the table below. For more information, please reference the Sail Number Policy and Fee Guidelines. General inquiries may be directed to the

For One-Design/Class sail numbers, please contact the appropriate class association.

Apply for the next available sail number

Regional Authorities

Last Four Digits – By Range of Block



























Note: 12160-12174 were assigned to Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Lakeland, and 29000-29250 were assigned to HYRA

x- Unopened US Sailing Block