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Meet the Athletes of the US Sailing Team

The US national team, which is selected annually, comprises the top sailors competing in the events selected for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Games. The roster is assembled from a combination of sailors who qualified based on results at several events in 2019. Through the US Sailing Team and its sponsors, athletes on the Olympic path receive financial, logistical, coaching, technical, fitness, marketing, and communications support.

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Men - One-Person Heavyweight Dinghy

The Finn dinghy is the men's single-handed, cat-rigged Olympic class for sailing. It was designed by Swedish canoe designer, Rickard Sarby, in 1949 for the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki. Since the 1952 debut of the boat, the design has been in every summer Olympics, making it one of the most prolific Olympic sailboats as it is the longest-serving dinghy in the Olympic Regatta.[3] It currently fills the slot for the Heavyweight Dinghy at the Olympic games. It is a physically demanding boat to race at the highest levels, especially since the class now allows unlimited boat rocking and sail pumping when the wind is above 10 knots.




Laser (Men’s One-Person Dinghy)

Laser Radial

Laser Radial (Women’s One-Person Dinghy)

470 Men

470 Men (Men’s Two-Person Dinghy)

470 Women

470 Women (Women’s Two-Person Dinghy)

Nacra 17

Nacra 17 (Mixed Two-Person Multihull)

Note: Christina Persson and Ravi Parent qualified for the 2018 team together in the Nacra 17. Both athletes plan to compete with other partners going forward.


49er (Men’s Two-Person High Performance Skiff)


49erFX (Women’s Two-Person High Performance Skiff)

RS: X Men

RS: X Mens Windsurfing

RS: X Women

RS: X Womens Windsurfing