Measurers and Equipment Inspectors

US Sailing will be offering training for sailors who would like to become event inspectors or class measurers.

One-Design Measurement in the U.S. is administered by the class associations. For more information, contact the Measurers and Event Inspectors Committee or Race Administration Director Matthew Hill.

The Measurers and Equipment Inspectors Committee:

  • develops and supports measurers and equipment inspectors within the United States;
  • develops and maintains training and testing for event equipment inspection;
  • assists sailing organizations in obtaining measurers or equipment inspectors for events;
  • provides support and advice on the roles and conduct of measurers and equipment inspectors at US Sailing events;
  • submits candidates for approval by the Board as nominees for World Sailing International Measurers.

For further information about programs of the Measurers and Equipment Inspectors Committee, please contact the committee chairman.

Measurers and Equipment Inspectors Committee:

Reference Materials for Measurers and Equipment Inspectors:

World Sailing's Equipment Rules of Sailing

World Sailing's Guide to Equipment Inspection

Individual class rules

Interested in becoming an International Measurer?

  1. Qualified measurers of World Sailing (ISAF) International or Recognized Classes should fill out an International Measurers Application Form which is found on the World Sailing website.
  2. Prerequisites for becoming an International Measurer as well as information on measurement clinics and seminars are also found on the ISAF website.
  3. Your completed Measurer’s Application Form must be approved by the international class association as well as your National Authority, US Sailing in the U.S.
  4. A completed Applications Form (along with a letter endorsing the application from the appropriate World Sailing Class) received by US Sailing by August 1, will be considered by US Sailing’s Board of Directors before World Sailing’s September 1 submission deadline. Please send the application to

More information about World Sailing International Measurers programs.