Junior Big Boat Sailing Program

The Junior Big Boat Sailing (JBBS) Program is an opportunity for teens to sail with an instructor, or coach, on 35-45 foot well-outfitted sailboats.

The JBBS program is structured around the use of a volunteered big boat lent for use to the program by a club member, owner, or volunteer who receives no compensation for the use of the boat or its equipment. The program allows new sailors to learn the ropes on a big boat platform – or experienced junior sailors can apply their small boat sailing skills to a new challenge. The JBBS program highlights fun, social and teamwork. With JBBS skills, teens can be valuable crew on cruising boats and club racers. The program offers an introduction to Big Boat sailing through a framework of skills designed to provide teens with the resources to participate in overnight cruises or weekly race series.

US Sailing has developed a Junior Big Boat Guide (preview below) which provides a step-by-step guide for setting up the program and eight (8) lesson plans to run the program. Additionally, the Guide features a copy of U.S. Coast Guard exemption allowing for Level 1 Instructors to facilitate the program without creating a “for hire” situation. US Sailing has also developed a series of Cue Cards which provide a positional guide for the sailors involved in the program. The Cue Cards, Basic Keelboat and a Certification of Completion are available as a packaged offering through the US Sailing store.

To learn more about the materials please visit the following pages within the US Sailing store:

Junior Big Boat Program Guide

Junior Big Boat Sailing Cards

Junior Big Boat Sailing Program Package

There is no accompanying training program at this time, however the materials are designed to be paired with the Storm Trysail Foundation’s Junior Safety at Sea Program.If you have questions, please contact Stu Gilfillen.

Storm Trysail Foundation’s Junior Safety at Sea Program