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Resolve a Plan of Improvement

This “Plan of Improvement” (POI) does not mean you have failed this course.  What this means, is that some skill, test and or presentation did not meet the criteria set by US Sailing.  It is your responsibility to meet the time limit for your POI;  90 days from the date of issue.  There will be a fee of $75.00 to resolve a POI.  The POI fee must be remitted to US Sailing.

Extensions beyond the 90 days must be approved by the Education Department before your POI expires.

Please note: POIs for Powerboat Skills given at a Level 1 course must be satisfied with a Level 1 Instructor Trainer, not a Powerboat Instructor Trainer.

To resolve a Plan of Improvement for Practical skills:

  1. Contact the Instructor Trainer for your course ONLY If they are in your geographic area it’s best to see if they are able to re-test you as they will have the most familiarity with why your POI was issued.
  2. If the original IT is not available, please review the list of Instructor Trainers to determine if there is one in your area. You will be able to contact trainers in your area by clicking on their name from the list provided.
  3. If you are unable to find an Instructor Trainer that can accommodate your schedule, or is in your geographic location, please contact the US Sailing Fulfillment Department to assist you in finding a Trainer.

To resolve a Plan of Improvement for a test:

  1. Pay the $75.00 POI fee using the button Below
  2. Submit this form to request an online test


When you attend your re-testing, please bring the copy of the POI form you received at your initial course.

Attendance at all portions of the course is mandatory. Absence from any portion of the course will require retaking the entire course for certification.