US Sailing Foundation

Your Impact in 12 Photos

From helping new sailors get on the water for the first time to supporting elite athletes on the Olympic team, you lift up sailors of every age and ability. Thank you!

In 2023...

1.You set the standard for sailing instruction.

Your generosity helped establish the standards and materials used in courses taught across the country. Last year, 2,937 people completed training in 22 course levels and gained their certifications. These skilled instructors are helping others discover the thrill of harnessing the wind and water, hone their skills, and enjoy a lifetime of sailing.

Dan D., who took the Basic Keelboat Instructor Course said, “In addition to sharpening my sailing skills, I learned a lot with the Teaching & Coaching and SafeSport Modules. The information learned in this course had an immediate and positive effect to help me be a better sailing instructor. I also felt more confident with how to teach sailing.”


2. Your support helped to develop improvements in boat ratings systems for offshore competition.

Studies and testing completed by US Sailing in 2023 will enable officials to score future events using innovative ratings that incorporate pre-race weather forecasts. This new system will allow for more equitable racing in diverse fleets.

Thank you for helping to level the playing field!


3. You helped our Olympic hopefuls pursue their quest for gold.


Your generosity enabled US Sailing to provide more than $4 million in support to the U.S. Sailing Team in 2023. From direct athlete grants to coaching, travel, technology, training facilities, sports psychology, and athlete health and fitness, you are providing a holistic program for America’s top competitors. And the results are impressive!

Last year, US athletes medaled in 7 out of 10 classes at major international competitions and sailed to victory as part of the most winning country of the 2023 PanAm Games.

“The Olympic spirit is real!” says mixed 470 competitor Lara Dallman-Weiss. “To feel the greatness of our country behind us is exhilarating. We really feel your support when we’re competing. Thank you!”


4. You helped more than 230 sailors compete in the 50th Anniversary U.S. Youth Championship.

U.S. Youth Championship Founder and Chairman (1973-1980) Bob Johnstone, along with many notable sailors from the inaugural 1973 Youth Champs, joined in for a week of sailing and presented trophies during the awards ceremony.

As a qualifying event for World Sailing’s 2023 Youth World Championship, the best performing teams from each class went on to represent the US at the Youth Worlds in December. There, teammates Cody Roe and Brooke Mertz earned a silver medal in the Nacra 15 Class!

Your support is putting young sailors on the pathway to victory!


5. You showed an outstanding commitment to safety.

In 2023, more than 3,500 sailors across the country took Safety at Sea courses and successfully earned their certifications. These sailors are now ready to respond in case of emergencies, act quickly when they happen, and take steps to prevent them in the first place. Your support helps to make these vital courses available. Thank you for making our sport safer!


6. You helped bring sailors and industry leaders together for Significant Learning & Fun! 

Sailing Leadership Forum (SLF) – or as one attendee called it, “Significant Learning & Fun!” – brought sailors and industry leaders together to learn, share experiences, and promote the sport we all love.

The event highlighted many of the programs you make possible through your support of US Sailing. And your impact multiplied as attendees brought their new knowledge back home and put it into practice in their own communities.

You helped folks from community sailing centers, trainers, race officials, and industry professionals hear new ideas, interact with the latest tech, and learn ways to grow their programs.

Attendee Lisa H. from Florida put it this way: “This year's SLF was exactly what I needed to give me a boost of confidence that I'm leading and helping to improve my organization. Thanks for the support!”


7. You strengthened the ranks of race officials.

Last year, your support helped more than 200 individuals renew or earn their initial certification as race officials! Their expertise is essential to ensure integrity, safety, and quality for every competitor in a race, from your local sailing club to the highest levels of racing.

Plus, for the first time, continuing education toward renewal was offered to certified race officials free of charge in 2023. That’s enabling more officers, judges, and umpires to stay in the game and provide you with the most seasoned and experienced officials at your regattas.


8. You protected kids and sailors of all ages from harassment and exploitation.

You know that it is vitally important for sailing to be a safe place for everyone who wants to participate. At US Sailing, we agree. And we’re grateful that your support helps put our shared commitment to safety into action through SafeSport Training.

Last year, you helped to make SafeSport courses available, free of charge, to community sailing centers, adults who have contact with minors in sailing programs, and all US Sailing members. And you helped ensure that all US Sailing events were run using the latest cutting-edge best practices from the US Center for SafeSport.

Thank you for preventing misconduct, for making sailing safer, and for helping to put an end to abuse in sport.


9. You helped kids “Reach” new heights.

Sailing is a great way to teach kids about science, technology, engineering, and math.

With your support, more than two thousand youth participated in US Sailing’s Reach initiative last year through direct funding to 10 community sailing centers. Hands-on learning activities made important STEM concepts come to life in tangible and memorable ways. Plus, kids developed a love of learning, explored productive STEM-based careers, and learned how to be good environmental stewards!


10. You helped Team USA train in Marseille for the upcoming Olympic Games.

Throughout the past year, America’s top sailors trained hard to get the chance to represent you in Marseille. And with your support, they had a unique opportunity to train at the future Olympic venue!

The U.S. is one of just nine countries fortunate enough to have a training base in Marseille, where the Paris 2024 sailing competition will take place. Your support is helping to maintain this special headquarters for the athletes and giving them hands-on experience on the Olympic racecourse prior to the Games.

Thank you for providing this invaluable resource as your national sailing team moves forward on their path to the podium.


11. You funded grants to help sailors excel.

What do regatta fees, travel expenses, and boat charter costs all have in common? Your support helped provide grants to cover them in 2023!

Last year, you helped sailors receive direct grants to offset travel and registration expenses, enabling them to compete around the world. Thanks to you, sailors of all ages were able to attend Championship regattas and pursue their dreams of sailing at the highest levels.


12. You made sailing better! 

With every gift you made to US Sailing in 2023, you helped to strengthen the sport you love. Thank you!