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Top Ten List


  1. As of December 11, 2019

    Top Ten List

    Below is a ranking of U.S. match racers based on their most recent World Sailing ranking.

    Women's Rankings (8 of these skippers are in the top 50 world-wide; World rankings are among Women):

    1. Nicole Breault (4 in the World)
    2. Allie Blecher (6 in the World)
    3. Danielle Gallo (28 in the World)
    4. Marilyn Cassedy (31 in the World)
    5. Janel Zarkowsky (32 in the World)
    6. Stephanie Wondolleck (39 in the World)
    7. Liz Hjorth (42 in the World)
    8. Bridget Groble (47 in the World)
    9. Giselle Camet Nyenhuis (52 in the World)
    10. Morgan Wilson (99 in the World)


    Open Rankings (all 10 of these skippers are in the top 50 world-wide):

    1. Chris Poole (8 in the World)
    2. Pearson Potts, Jr. (19 in the World)
    3. Ryan Seago (21 in the World)
    4. Jack Parkin (25 in the World
    5. Taylor Canfield (31 in the World)
    6. Peter Holz (32 in the World)
    7. Chris Nesbitt (35 in the World)
    8. Chris Weis (37 in the World)
    9. Nicole Breault (42 in the World)
    10. Jeffrey Petersen (44 in the World)

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The Dial Up Archive 

Dave Perry’s DVD Welcome to Match Racing

Describes what match racing is and how it works, and then describes the four major parts of match racing: the prestart, the upwind and downwind legs, and the unique penalty system.

Note: this DVD was created several years ago under the 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing. The match racing rules were changed significantly in the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing. As a result, there are several rules inaccuracies in the DVD. Specifically, in the segment on the Windward Mark, the starboard-tack boat in the zone of the windward mark now needs to tack when it is her proper course to tack. In the Downwind segment, ignore the last section discussing rule 17 (which is now deleted for match racing). And in the Leeward Mark segment, mark-room is now a boat’s proper course whether she has the right of way or not.