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Jeffrey Petersen, Max Brennan, Samantha Hemans & Scott Mais Win 2022 Youth Match Racing World Championship: July 25, 2022

2022 U.S. Match Racing Championship:  Oakcliff Sailing Center, Oyster Bay, NY, October 7-9, Match 40s

2022 U.S. Women's Match Racing Championship:  Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, Oyster Bay, NY, August 19-21, Clinic August 18, Sonars

2022 U.S. Youth Match Racing Championship:  Long Beach Yacht Club, Long Beach CA, June 15-19, Solings


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2022 Master Regatta Calendar

2022 Master Clinic Calendar

2022 USMRC Qualifiers Critical Data Sheet  Amended: May 16, 2022

2022 USWMRC Qualifiers and Critical Data Sheet

2022 Youth Match Racing Opportunities

World Sailing Match Racing Calendar

2022 Youth Match Racing World Championship (application deadline February 1, 2022)

David Storrs US Sailing Match Racing Grant Program

The US Sailing Match Racing Committee is thrilled to offer a competitive grant program for selected teams interested in match racing in the U.S. at a high level. The program provides reimbursement up to $5,000 per team to pay for expenses such as entry fees, travel expenses and lodging for one full calendar year. 1 male skipper and 1 female skipper will be selected. In addition, the grant program provides a mentor who will be available as needed to share veteran advice to ensure a successful match racing campaign.

  • Open to anyone with a sincere interest in match racing between the ages of 19 and 29 is encouraged to apply.
  • Key Dates:
    • January 15th: Applications Open
    • May 1st: Applications Close
    • May 15th: Reference checks and team interviews as needed
    • May 31st: Grant awardees announced
For all the details on this great program and how to apply for a grant, Click here!

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Top Ten List

Below is a ranking of U.S. match racers based on their most recent World Sailing ranking.

As of December 1, 2021

Women's Rankings (8 of these skippers are in the top 50 world-wide; World rankings are among Women):

  1. Nicole Breault (3 in the World)
  2. Allie Blecher (11 in the World)
  3. Janel Zarkowsky (18 in the World)
  4. Bridget Groble (31 in the World)
  5. Marilyn Cassedy (34 in the World)
  6. Danielle Gallo (35 in the World)
  7. Stephanie Wondolleck (39 in the World)
  8. Liz Hjorth (43 in the World)
  9. Giselle Camet Nyenhuis (66 in the World)
  10. Marbella Marlo (83 in the World)


Open Rankings (all 10 of the skippers are in the top 50 world-wide)

  1. Taylor Canfield (5 in the World)
  2. Chris Poole (8 in the World)
  3. Pearson Potts, Jr. (15 in the World)
  4. Jeffrey Petersen (20 in the World)
  5. Jack Parkin (23 in the World)
  6. Peter Holz (33 in the World)
  7. David Wood (35 in the World)
  8. Chris Weis (37 in the World)
  9. Ryan Seago (38 in the World)
  10. Nicole Breault (42 in the World)


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Click here to receive The Dial Up and to read archived editions. The Dial Up is a FREE e-newsletter covering all things Match Racing in North America. The  e-newsletter features:

  • a master calendar of match racing regattas and clinics in North America
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The Dial Up Archive 



The 2021-2024 Racing Rules for Match Racing (Appendix C)

North U Welcome to Match Racing 101 and Match Racing Master Class Series

In the Spring of 2020, Dave Perry led two free match racing series hosted by North U and supported by the generosity of the David Storrs family. One was a four session series called Welcome to Match Racing 101, which explained what match racing was and how each aspect worked (Prestart, Upwind & Downwind legs, Marks and Penalty System). The other was a nine session series called Match Racing Master Class, which was an advanced in-depth discussion of the rules, tactics and strategies of the four major aspects of the discipline.

200 sailors and race officials from 15 countries participated in the Welcome to Match Racing 101 series; and 250 sailors and race officials from 14 countries participated in the Master Class series.

The recordings from each session, along with the combined Chat Room transcripts of each session, are located at the link below. You are welcome to share this link with other sailors, race officials and race organizers who may be interested in learning more about match racing.

Welcome to Match Racing 101 Class Session Topics...

session 1 - Match Racing Tactics & Strategies – the Prestart

session 2 - Match Racing Tactics & Strategies – Upwind & Downwind Legs

session 3 - Match Racing Tactics & Strategies – Mark Roundings

session 4 - Match Racing Tactics & Strategies – Penalty Killing

Match Racing Master Class Session Topics...

session 1 – Rules & Tactics in the Prestart

session 2 - Rules & Tactics on the Beats & Windward Mark

session 3 - Rules & Tactics on the Runs & Leeward Mark/Finish

session 4 - Best Strategies & Tactics for the Prestart

session 5 - Best Strategies & Tactics for the Beats & Windward Mark

session 6 - Best Strategies & Tactics for the Runs & Leeward Mark/Finish

session 7 – Rules & Tactics in the Penalty System

session 8 - Best Strategies & Tactics in the Penalty System

North U Match Racing 101 and Master Class Series recordings and transcripts:

North U Match Racing Series Recordings

North U Match Racing Playbook by Dave Perry

The North U Match Racing Playbook by Dave Perry, updated for the current rules, is now available for free online, thanks to the generosity of the David Storrs family and the support for match racing from North U. The Playbook contains six chapters that explain match racing tactics from the Prestart through the Penalty Killing System. In addition, the Playbook contains seven pages of drills for one and two boats, and a page of match racing resources.

To read the North U Match Racing Playbook:

If you would like a paperback edition of the North U Match Racing Playbook:

Dave Perry’s DVD Welcome to Match Racing

Describes what match racing is and how it works, and then describes the four major parts of match racing: the prestart, the upwind and downwind legs, and the unique penalty system.

Note: this DVD was created several years ago under the 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing. The match racing rules were changed significantly in the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing. As a result, there are several rules inaccuracies in the DVD. Specifically, in the segment on the Windward Mark, the starboard-tack boat in the zone of the windward mark now needs to tack when it is her proper course to tack. In the Downwind segment, ignore the last section discussing rule 17 (which is now deleted for match racing). And in the Leeward Mark segment, mark-room is now a boat’s proper course whether she has the right of way or not.

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