Emergency Action Plans and Safety Resources

The summer sailing season is upon us, and perhaps no other topic is more vital to sailing organizations than safety. Most community sailing centers, yacht clubs and sailing schools have their own on-water Emergency Action Plan (EAP) unique to their own venue, facility, sailing area and environment.

A carefully drafted and vetted EAP is a valuable resource for accident protocol. You will be required to present your standard of care in the case of an accident that leads to litigation. Your plan, at a minimum, should include:

  • How you will manage an accident on and off the water.
  • How you will communicate to emergency services from the water and off the water.
  • Having the necessary life saving equipment both on and off the water.
  • Identifying where you will keep medical forms, so they can be immediately accessed in the event of an emergency.
  • There should be no risk that a mast hit a powerline.

More Safety Resources