Educate and inspire sailors, become a certified instructor today!

US Sailing offers certification courses for instructors and coaches on a wide range of boats at varying levels of expertise. Courses range from 1 to 5 days, and are hosted by boating programs around the country, year-round.

Small Boat Instructor Programs

Learn how teach safely, effectively, and creatively in the classroom and out on the water.

Use the instructor certification path to become US Sailing Certified smallboat instructor. Each level provides a structured progression and offers opportunities for advancement. With the development of two different tracks (management and coaching), it provides opportunities for continuing education and professional development

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Keelboat Instructor Programs

Are you an accomplished sailor able to handle vast range of situations and models of boats? Use your skills to educate others.

Instructors at US Sailing accredited schools possess outstanding seamanship and communication skills. All are trained in our proprietary teaching method and all are US Sailing certified professionals. Practice, study and preparation are required by even the most gifted and experienced professional instructors.

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Windsurfing Instructor Programs

US Sailing supports US Windsurfing as they take ownership of all Windsurfing Instructor Programs.

With an emphasis is on safety, risk management and hands-on practice of the eleven windsurfing basics, the windsurfing instructor programs will familiarize candidates with proper terminology and technique to guide others.


Adaptive Instructor Programs

A two day course that covers all aspects of setting up, and teaching, an adaptive sailing program. Topics include: Facility requirements, disability types/populations, breaking down barriers to participation, safety requirements, volunteer/staff training and a detailed overview of how to correctly adapt your equipment.

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REACH Instructor Programs 

Create an on-ramp to the sport for youth of all backgrounds.

Reach exposes youth sailors to STEM and environmental education, 90% of students participating in Reach are first time sailors! This training opportunity allows teachers and sailing instructors to learn how to implement US Sailing’s STEM program and curriculum called REACH.

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Instructor Resources

Already an Instructor? Use these helpful tips and tools to aide you in educating sailors

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