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US Sailing is committed to fostering a fun, healthy, and safe environment for all sailor athletes.

US Sailing recognizes the safety of athletes depends on all those involved in our sport. US Sailing takes this responsibility seriously. We aim to raise awareness about misconduct in sport, promote open dialogue, and provide resources to our individual members, member organizations, athletes, coaches, parents, and volunteers. 

US Sailing’s partnership with the U.S. Center for SafeSport reinforces our commitment to creating a safe and positive environment free from abuse and misconduct. US Sailing has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for abuse and misconduct.  

Attention US Sailing Member Organizations: Training Requirement Updates (11/17/20): 

As part of US Sailing’s continued effort to promote safe environments, free of abuse, misconduct, and violence for all sailors, we have an important update for our member organizations regarding the SafeSport program. 

We first want to let you know that these updated Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (“MAAPP”) requirements summarized below become effective January 1, 2022. US Sailing will utilize the next year to educate our members and continue to develop resources to assist you in creating a safe environment for your members.  

To strengthen community education and abuse prevention efforts, the U.S. Center for SafeSport (the “Center”) has made several updates to the MAAPP, which consists of the SafeSport training course and one-on-one contact policies designed to prevent abuse. These are a broad collection of policies and best practices designed to educate community members in abuse recognition and prevention.  

As a Center partner in the fight against abuse and misconduct, US Sailing works to ensure compliance with all Center policies and procedures. It is our strong belief that the Center’s MAAPP policies enhance the sailing community’s ability to proactively address instances of abuse and misconduct in our sport. 

These MAAPP policy updates will require you to revisit abuse prevention and misconduct policies at your organization. Please note the following updated SafeSport MAAPP requirements: 

  • All employees and board members at your organization will be required to complete SafeSport training.  
  • For organizations that run programs or events with youth participation, you must ensure that youth participants are in observable and interruptible situations at all times 

The concept of open and transparent youth programming is essential to our consistent alignment against abuse and misconduct. This is defined through the Center’s policies prohibiting unobservable one-on-one interactions, including during program meetings, and training sessions, in lodging and transportation, and through electronic communications.  

Throughout the coming year, US Sailing will be conducting a comprehensive educational campaign to ensure that you are equipped to implement an effective SafeSport program within your organization. This will include informational sessions on US Sailing’s Starboard Portal, communication updates containing important marketing materials, and additional resources posted to US Sailing’s SafeSport Toolkits.   

I would like to thank you for your continued support of US Sailing and commitment to the well-being of our youth and community members. For any questions about US Sailing’s SafeSport program, please contact Justin Sterk at 401.342.7938 or 

Resourceful Links:

  • US Sailing's recommendations to all Local Sailing Organizations and members with regard to all SafeSport policy, including the MAAPPs, can be found in the US Sailing SafeSport Handbook.
  • US Sailing maintains a list of Sanctioned Individuals and Athletes on the web.
  • State Abuse Reporting Requirements can be found here:


What SafeSport training is all about:

SafeSport training is a free online course that provides education on:

  1. Sexual Misconduct Awareness
  2. Emotional and Physical Misconduct
  3. Mandatory Reporting (Understanding Your Responsibilities)

By being better educated and more aware of the various types of misconduct and how to recognize them, each of us can make our sport safer and help end abuse in sport.
Once you complete the online course, your SafeSport training will be logged on your membership record in the US Sailing database.

How this information pertains to you:

US Sailing has systems in place to protect participants from physical abuse, sexual abuse and other types of misconduct that can be harmful to sailors and other participants.

These include:

  • Policies regarding Physical Misconduct, Sexual Misconduct, Bullying and Harassment, Hazing, Electronic and Social Media Communication, and Travel Teams.
  • Codes of Conduct applicable to administrators, coaches, officials, parents, sailors and spectators.
  • The US Sailing SafeSport Program Handbook is intended to inform and provide guidance to our sailing constituents about SafeSport policies and how you and your organization can create a culture of SafeSport at home in your programs.

In accordance with recent SafeSport Policy, the following individuals within our US Sailing family are required to successfully complete annual SafeSport training. See the list below.

US Sailing Covered Participant List

SafeSport training is MANDATORY for:

  • All trained Instructors, Instructor Trainers, and Master Instructor Trainers for US Sailing Training Programs: Small Boat, Keelboat, Powerboat (including current, candidates, and recertifying)
  • All Certified Race Officials (including current, candidates, and recertifying)
  • US Sailing Championship Committee Chairs
  • US Sailing Coaches; US Sailing Contract Coaches; US Sailing Coach applicants
  • US Sailing Team and Olympic Development support persons, as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing, to include but not to be limited to medical; therapeutic; boat wrights
  • US Sailing Leadership and Management: Board of Directors, staff and interns and members of the Olympic Sailing Committee
  • Adult members, staff, and volunteers of a US Sailing member organization who have regular contact with or authority over minors

SafeSport training is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for all US Sailing members who do not have regular contact or authority over minors

*All US Sailing participants and member organizations should familiarize themselves with each form of misconduct and refrain from engaging in misconduct and/or violating any of these policies.

US Sailing encourages its members and member organizations to use the policies, guidelines, best practices, strategies and tools included in the US Sailing SafeSport Program Handbook to implement SafeSport practices at the local level. Together we can provide a safe environment for all sailors to enjoy our sport.

Maintaining your SafeSport training - Refresher Courses:

Beginning in 2019, you are required to take an abbreviated SafeSport refresher course annually.

SafeSport training is required to maintain your certification:

If you do not complete the initial training or annual refresher, your US Sailing certifications will be suspended until you do so.



Follow this link if you are registering for the first time. Have your US Sailing member ID ready before starting.


Follow this link if you have previously registered with SafeSport.

Registration and Training Guides:

How to Register and Take the Training PDF

How to Register Video

Not a member of US Sailing?  You can take the training for $20.00.

SafeSport Trained
Understand the core concepts behind creating a safe and positive sport environment and learn how to identify, prevent and respond to issues of misconduct.  This training is for individuals who are NOT CURRENT MEMBERs of their National Governing Body. If you are a member of a NGB, please contact your NGB to access the core SafeSport training.

US Center for SafeSport Website

The US Center for SafeSport website provides a wide range of resources which are available to US Sailing member clubs, sailing organizations, instructors, coaches and sailors.

US Center for SafeSport Resources for Parents of Athletes, Coaches, and Sport Administrators

Free Online Parent Training

Free Parent Toolkits

Bullying Prevention (recorded webinar)