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US Sailing takes seriously our responsibility to help raise awareness about misconduct in sport, promote open dialogue, and provide resources to our members, member organizations, athletes, coaches, parents, and volunteers. Our partnership with the U.S. Center for SafeSport reinforces our commitment to an environment free from misconduct and abuse. US Sailing has a policy of zero tolerance for abuse and misconduct, both afloat and ashore in any part of our programs.

SafeSport training is a free online course that provides education on:
  • Sexual Misconduct Awareness
  • Emotional and Physical Misconduct
  • Mandatory Reporting (Understanding Your Responsibilities)

Following initial Core training, members take annual Refresher training that will include new topics.

SafeSport training is required for all US Sailing race officials

From the US Sailing Covered Participant List, approved May 13, 2019:

"Certified Race Officials shall complete SafeSport training as a prerequisite for certification and shall complete SafeSport training annually thereafter."

By being more aware of various types of misconduct and how to recognize them, each of us can help prevent abuse and misconduct. Once you complete the online course, your SafeSport training will be logged on your membership record in the US Sailing database and will appear on your SOARS Annual Report. We hope you will also help promote awareness of athlete safety  in your role as a race official.

SafeSport training is required to maintain your certification

Beginning in 2019, race officials are required to take the 30-minute Refresher training no later than the one-year anniversary date of their previous training to remain in compliance. If you do not complete the annual refresher, your race official certifications will be invalid until you do so.

(Initial SafeSport "Core" Training taken before April 15, 2019, is good for two years. Training completed on or after April 15, 2019, is good for one year.)

SafeSport: Register and Take the Training

SafeSport: How to Register

Please visit the main SafeSport page for more information about the SafeSport program and the SafeSport Handbook.

If you have difficulty with the SafeSport dashboard, please contact:

SafeSport Technical Support Help Desk
(720) 676-6417