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Review Board

The bylaws of US Sailing allow for Grievance and Disciplinary Proceedings, and the Regulations spell out the procedures to be followed.

US Sailing Bylaws: Part VII – Grievances and Disciplinary Proceedings
US Sailing Regulations: Regulation 15 Administrative, Disciplinary and Grievance Proceedings

Ombudsman for Filing a Grievance or Appealing a Rule 69 Decision

Do you have questions about the process for filing a grievance under Regulation 15 or an appeal of a rule 69 decision? An ombudsman is now available to help racing sailors understand what procedures to follow when filing a grievance or an appeal of a rule 69 decision. The ombudsman is Bob Lane. Anyone who has questions about the filing processes may email Bob Lane.

US Sailing Bylaws and Regulations

US Sailing Grievance Request form

US Sailing Review Board Appeal Form


Review Board Members