Your generosity is helping more women become race officials

Women play a vital role in all aspects of sailing, and that includes serving as race administrators. For many, becoming a race official is a way to continue being active in the sport after years of competition. That’s the case for Caroline, who took the Women’s Only Club Judge Seminar. “The process and title seemed…Read More

You’ve helped kids learn STEM skills through sailing

Thanks to your support, community boating centers across the country have been able to receive grants to launch Reach – a special program that uses sailing to teach science, technology, engineering, and math. And the results are amazing! By making these sometimes-difficult subjects come alive through hands-on activities, kids have fun and learn, all in…Read More

How US Sailing Makes Our Boat Club Stronger

People often ask Glede Holman why he thinks it’s so important for his club to have an organizational membership in US Sailing. They’re especially curious since his club is in the middle of the country, about as far away from the ocean as you can get! “We’re a small club with under 300 members,” said…Read More

You’re Helping Coach Mike Pay It Forward

[caption id="attachment_38162" align="alignleft" width="601"] You're building the next generation of lifelong sailors. Thank you![/caption] Coach Mike Smith thinks doing a bit of sailing is especially important for kids, even those who definitely won't go on to become elite sailing athletes. And that attitude makes him perfect for the Siebel Sailors Program! Because of your support,…Read More

The US Sailing Team continues to make progress toward their Olympic goals, thanks to your support!

[caption id="attachment_38175" align="alignleft" width="599"] Thank you for helping the athletes on their path to the podium![/caption] Many of the athletes recently spent time at our training facility in Marseille, France. With all the top countries on-site, several “coaches regattas” gave the sailors a chance to spar with each other on the Olympic racecourses. It was a…Read More

You’re Helping Sailors Set Course for the Paralympics!

Meet Frances Osorio Rivera. Frances thrives on adrenaline. She’s a kiteboarder, an Army veteran, and a self-described thrill-seeker. When she lost a leg in a car accident, her doctors advised that she pursue a less demanding sport. But that didn’t happen. Because Frances isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. Now, she has added…Read More

You Helped Markus Step onto the Podium!

Amazing things are happening for US Olympic class kiteboarders. And your support of Project Pinnacle is helping make it possible! That was proven recently by Markus Edegran on Lake Traunsee, Austria and Lake Garda, Italy. The athletes have been working hard with coach Charlie McKee to hone their individual skills and to create a cohesive…Read More

Felix Finds His Confidence, Thanks to You

At the beginning of his first sailing lesson, Felix was afraid to even put his foot in the water for a swim check. But thanks to your support, he’s not afraid anymore! When Felix joined the Siebel Sailors Program, he already knew how to swim. In fact, the loved the water. But his only water…Read More

June 2022 Newsletter

YOUR IMPACT: Stories Of Your Gifts In Action!Read More

Your Support Strengthens STEM Skills For Kids

What do science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) have to do with sailing? Everything! That’s why your contributions help support US Sailing’s Reach Program. “Physics and math make more sense when you get to experience how the sails and foils work with the boat when you are sailing,” said Lauren, a Reach participant in Hood…Read More