Making Waves in North Carolina

“If you’re a sailor, at some point you’re going to be in a power boat,” says Van King, Senior Program Director at YMCA Camp Sea Gull in Arapahoe, NC. Camp Sea Gull (for boys) and its counterpart, Camp Seafarer (for girls) welcome 3,000 kids each summer. Campers can participate in twelve “land” activities, and they…Read More

Behind the Scenes at US Sailing

With the Youth World Championships coming up in December, it’s a great time to check in with Youth Competition Manager, John Pearce. Read the Q&A for an exclusive insider’s look at US Sailing’s youth programs and the impact your support makes. Q: John, can you tell us the purpose/goal of the Youth Competition department at…Read More

Your Generosity Supports the Athlete/Coach Connection

52 Trofeo S.A.R. Princesa Sofía Mallorca, © Sailing Energy / Princesa Sofía Mallorca 06 April 2023   Alongside every great sailor, you’ll find an exceptional coach. The bond they develop can propel the athlete to push beyond their limits and achieve remarkable results. Your support of US Sailing is key to ensuring that today’s Olympic…Read More

Charlotte Makes Her Mark, Thanks to You!

First-Time Competitor at Youth Champs is Recognized for Sportsmanship   Thanks to your support, this year’s Youth Championship was able to welcome more sailors than ever before. More than 230 young athletes competed across seven classes at the pinnacle youth regatta. [caption id="attachment_40080" align="alignleft" width="503"] Your support helps young sailors like Charlotte be their best![/caption] A highlight…Read More

Meet Your Personal Navigator

[caption id="attachment_40070" align="alignleft" width="634"] Deb and Zelle are ready to take your call![/caption] Deb is your connection to everything US Sailing.   “Thank you for calling US Sailing, this is Deb. How may I help you?” If you’ve ever dialed US Sailing, the voice behind this greeting will be familiar to you. Deb Rainey has…Read More

Your generosity is helping more women become race officials

Women play a vital role in all aspects of sailing, and that includes serving as race administrators. For many, becoming a race official is a way to continue being active in the sport after years of competition. That’s the case for Caroline, who took the Women’s Only Club Judge Seminar. “The process and title seemed…Read More

You’ve helped kids learn STEM skills through sailing

Thanks to your support, community boating centers across the country have been able to receive grants to launch Reach – a special program that uses sailing to teach science, technology, engineering, and math. And the results are amazing! By making these sometimes-difficult subjects come alive through hands-on activities, kids have fun and learn, all in…Read More

How US Sailing Makes Our Boat Club Stronger

People often ask Glede Holman why he thinks it’s so important for his club to have an organizational membership in US Sailing. They’re especially curious since his club is in the middle of the country, about as far away from the ocean as you can get! “We’re a small club with under 300 members,” said…Read More

You’re Helping Coach Mike Pay It Forward

[caption id="attachment_38162" align="alignleft" width="601"] You're building the next generation of lifelong sailors. Thank you![/caption] Coach Mike Smith thinks doing a bit of sailing is especially important for kids, even those who definitely won't go on to become elite sailing athletes. And that attitude makes him perfect for the Siebel Sailors Program! Because of your support,…Read More

The US Sailing Team continues to make progress toward their Olympic goals, thanks to your support!

[caption id="attachment_38175" align="alignleft" width="599"] Thank you for helping the athletes on their path to the podium![/caption] Many of the athletes recently spent time at our training facility in Marseille, France. With all the top countries on-site, several “coaches regattas” gave the sailors a chance to spar with each other on the Olympic racecourses. It was a…Read More