You’ve helped kids learn STEM skills through sailing

Thanks to your support, community boating centers across the country have been able to receive grants to launch Reach – a special program that uses sailing to teach science, technology, engineering, and math.

And the results are amazing!

By making these sometimes-difficult subjects come alive through hands-on activities, kids have fun and learn, all in a sailing environment. Plus, they gain confidence and decision-making skills that carry over to other parts of their lives.

Take for instance Sam, a 9th grade student who lacked motivation and didn’t engage in school. Unfortunately, Sam was in danger of failing for the year.

But Sam found success in the Reach program. He gained confidence and motivation, which continued when he went back to school.

“Many of the children who participate in Reach develop a better understanding of scientific method and inquiry-based learning,” said one Reach instructor.

Reach was a critical turning point for Sam. After participating, he was eager and ready to learn, turning around his previous path.

Stories like this abound in the Reach program. Because of you, kids like Sam are charting a course toward success. Thank you for helping them learn, grow, and flourish!