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Basic Re-certification Requirements

US Sailing/US Powerboating Instructor Certifications are valid for three (3) years. Instructors need only re-certify at the highest level of certification they have achieved within each program. For example, if you hold Basic Keelboat and Cruising Instructor Certifications you only need to renew the Cruising Instructor Certification. If you hold Cruising Instructor and Level 2 Instructor certifications (which are in two different instructional tracks), you need to renew both. This process is vital to ensure that you can continue to teach without jeopardizing your program’s insurance by not holding current certification. For those of you who work for programs which issue US Sailing/US Powerboating Student Certifications, please note that you can only certify students if your Instructor Certification is current.

To Re-certify:

  1. Log into My US Sailing and click the My Certs & Courses link on the left. View your certifications on the certifications tab, and order re-certifications by clicking on the Re-certify tab OR complete the printable Training Re-certification Form, noting courses taught during the past three years.
  2. Certification will NOT be valid unless accompanied by current First Aid and CPR. US Sailing/US Powerboating can only accept First Aid and CPR courses that are on the U.S. Coast Guard’s approved list. Copies do not need to be submitted.
  3. Hold current US Sailing membership. If your membership has lapsed, please renew your membership.
  4. Submit the $75.00 re-certification fee. If your re-certification application is not accepted, your fee will be refunded. If you withdraw your application after submission, 1/2 of your fee will be refunded.
  5.  SAFESPORT:   This program, developed by the US Olympic Committee, is required training for all Instructors. This requirement is also being put in place for other National Governing Bodies. Beginning in 2019, you are required to take an abbreviated SafeSport refresher course annually. Instructor certification is not active unless SafeSport training has been completed.


    (Have your US Sailing member ID ready before starting)

  6. US Sailing Teaching & Coaching Fundamentals : Developed in conjunction with the US Olympic Committee (USOC), this course gives the building blocks of good instructional practices for becoming an effective educator on and off the water. A few Frequently Asked Questions are answered here.

***EXPIRED CERTIFICATIONS: If certification has expired for more than one year, candidates must pass online exams before recertification can be processed. If certification has been expired for more than 10 years, candidates must retake and pass the instructor course to become recertified.

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