Give Feedback on a Race Official


US Sailing welcomes feedback on our race officials, who contribute their time as volunteers.

Please use the "Commend a Race Official" form to let us know about a race official who has run great races, made you feel welcome, made a complicated procedure easy to understand, or otherwise provided great service to sailors:



Use the "Report or Complaint about a Race Official" form to report a concern about a race official’s performance or conduct:

Report or Complaint about a Race Official


Reports or complaints about race officials should concern serious performance issues or misconduct, such as:

  • Criminal activity
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Conduct that suggests a lack of integrity
  • Practice that may endanger or disadvantage competitors
  • Significant errors in process; unresponsiveness to correction
  • Issues that may damage the reputation of US Sailing, the sport, the event, or other certified race officials

Please do not use this form to report on matters that should be handled in a protest or redress hearing or an appeal, such as an OCS (“over early”) call or a race disqualification.


Read the full Race Official Reports and Complaints Policy.


For more information or to discuss a matter of concern, please feel free to call the Race Administration Director at (401) 342-7948 or email