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2020 US Sailing Reach Initiative Grants


2020 Reach Grants – Support from Rolex has made the following grants possible.

Photo Credit: Baltimore County Sailing Center


  • Proposals Due: March 13th, 2020
  • Notification of Award: March 20th, 2020

Submission: Applications can be submitted by email to

Youth Engagement Grants

Reach Youth Engagement grants have been made available to provide financial support for materials, transportation costs, and offsetting staff costs when implementing the Reach Initiative. $1,250 grant to use on program materials, transportation costs, and offset costs when implementing the Reach Initiative.  No location restrictions.

Application period closed.

National Hub Expansion Grants

US Sailing plans to continue the Reach “Hub” model and national network of sailing resources to maximize the impact of creating systemic change in STEM education. We are excited to help foster new Reach Hub programs and resources to actively “normalize” STEM education and environmental literacy and responsibility utilizing our vast network of potential highly skilled workers and ocean stewards.

Reach “Center” Grants” – Support will continue in Southern California region in 2020.

Reach “Center of Excellence Grants” – Support will continue in Southern California and Mid-West regions in 2020. The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic have completed their final years of financial support, but they will continue to mentor and share best practices.

Application period closed.