National Coaching Symposium



The National Coaching Symposium is open to all US Sailing members and features of content from some of the top coaches in the US.  There are also an opportunities to register for webinars with subject matter experts. These webinars have limited enrollment and provide and an opportunity for engagement in a smaller group setting.

DECEMBER 14-15, 2021

 To access the presentations you will need a current US Sailing member ID and password.


Paul Cayard
Executive Director of U.S. Olympic Sailing

Luther Carpenter
Olympic Head Coach

Chris Clements
Founder, People Optimization
Contractor, USOPC

Kristen Dieffenbach, Ph.D.
President, US Center for Coaching Excellence
Research Committee, Intl. Council for Coaching Excellence

Cynthia N. Mejia Colin
Training Manger, US Center for SafeSport

Jessica Doriot
Compliance Development Manager, US Center for SafeSport

John PearceJohn Pearce
Director of Sport Development,
US Sailing

Riley Schutt
Head of Technology, U.S. Olympic Sailing


Tim Herzog

Keeping Courage Afloat

Tuesday, December 14th / 4:30-6:00 PM Eastern Time

On a windy day, a young sailor might freak out saying they’re “going to die.” At the Big Inter-Galactics Regatta, the elite adult sailor might internally think “I can’t do this,” while envisioning bad outcomes, but while also trying to put on a guise that everything is fine.  Without pushing or coddling, sailing coaches can help with training skills that help dismantle disproportionate fear (overestimation of threat and underestimation of coping).  In this 90-minute workshop integrating didactics and experiential activities, Dr. Tim Herzog will help sailing coaches learn four mind-body techniques, that they can begin using immediately, on themselves and with their sailors.

Techniques include:

  1. The drill-down technique;
  2. Mental imagery;
  3. HRV-informed breathing;and
  4.  Inverted-U mapping.

Coaches will get practice applying the techniques themselves, in small groups, and the larger group will discuss take-aways.  In the process, coaches will better understand what’s in their wheelhouse, when to consider referring, and where/how to connect with resources.  Last but not least, participants will be granted one month of free access to a comprehensive online self-paced mental training platform.

Lessons Learned From the Tokyo Olympic Games & Rule Situations That Most Sailors Don’t Know…but Should.

Wednesday, December 15th / 3:30–5:30 PM Eastern Time
Registration Fee: $20

In this two hour session, Dave will present two topics. In Lessons Learned From the Tokyo Olympic Games, Dave, who was the Rules Advisor for the US Sailing Team at the 2021 Olympic Regatta, will share some insights into what he and the sailors & coaches learned from their experiences with the rules and protest/redress hearings that will be helpful to all serious racers and coaches.

In Rule Situations That Most Sailors Don’t Know…but Should, Dave will explain rules situations that catch most sailors and coaches off guard, but which can be race-determining. He will begin each situation with a Quiz, and will leave plenty of time for Q&A from the participants.


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