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US Sailing is divided into eleven (11) Distinct Areas. Using the map below, identify where you live and then look below to find the information you need for your Area.

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U.S. Junior Sailing Championships Committee comprised of Area Reps

Area Representatives

Certain Championships have Area Representatives whose role is below:

1. Area Qualifiers

1.1. Post Area Qualifier schedules on the US Sailing website by January 15 .
1.2. Circulate NORs to all YRAs and to prospective competitors; supply contact information for answering questions

NOTE: If you need help with contact e-mails for your Area, contact US Sailing’s membership department for assistance.

1.3. Assure that the Area qualifiers dates allow adequate time for the winning competitors to make travel arrangements for the Finals
1.4. Oversee administration of Area qualifiers including NORs, SIs, US Sailing’s Race Management Requirements for personnel, and equitable equipment for fair and good competition
1.5. Provide assistance in sourcing the appropriate Race Officials and ensure they are qualified
1.6. Solicit and develop Area qualifiers host club prospects in the YRA and Area
1.7. Assure that appropriate trophies or awards are secured for each event. Make sure that any Area trophy is engraved and ready for presentation.
1.8. Write ‘thanks’ to host clubs, sponsors, boat owners, volunteers, etc.

2. Entries

2.1. Process the results of the Area qualifiers, and pass the information on the qualifying competitors to the finals. Remember that US Sailing Regulation 2 requires that all participants be members of US Sailing at all levels of elimination.
2.2.Ensure that US Sailing membership and other conditions of each respective championship are met by the host clubs and the competitors / teams.
2.3 If a qualifier is not held or cancelled, lets the National Chair know and where applicable encourages interested parties to submit a resume entry. Second place finishers at some adult championships are also encouraged to submit resumes. Resume applications can be found on a championship’s website. For some championships, failure to host an qualifier will result in the loss of a spot for that championship.

3. Work with the National Chair, Area Directors and Area Qualifier Hosts
3.1. Assist in securing qualified PROs, Judges and Umpires as necessary; see the US Sailing website for requirements US Sailing – Judges and US Sailing – Race Officers. .

If you cannot find a Regionally Certified Race Officer or Senior Judge for your qualifier, contact either your Area Representative on the Judges Committee or on the Race Management Committee. People’s calendars fill up quickly so getting someone signed up early is a great idea.
3.2. Assist in locating appropriate venues and boats to conduct the Area qualifiers for various championships
3.3. Assist the YRAs in your Area in any way, including interpreting and administering the regulations of the championships
3.4. Ensure that funding for the finals is available from the Area if Area policy
3.5. Ensure that the qualifiers will be reimbursed if Area policy

4. Solicit and Develop Championship Hosts
4.1. Solicit future championship qualifier hosts from the YRAs and Area, including, but not limited to clubs which have not held a championship before, or in some time. See the Five Year Calendar for which events are seeking hosts and where.
4.2. Encourage and assist potential host clubs to complete the Host Bid Package as Final hosts, and to present bids to the respective championship committee up to five years in advance either 1 March or 1 October.

5. Marketing
5.1. Promote Area qualifiers with the RSAs
5.2. Coordinate schedules so that qualifiers do not overlap with ongoing championships
5.3. Promote the Championships

6. Assist the National Chair in preparation of studies and reports
6.1. Check and facilitate registration, scoring, and paperwork flow
6.2. Communicate and correspond with Championship Chair and US Sailing
6.3. Complete the annual participation survey / tally for Area and submit to chair

7. Attend US Sailing Annual Meeting and Spring teleconferences (if held). Participate in any additional telephone conferences.
7.1. Participate in Area and YRA meetings
7.2. The term of a member of a championship committee is three years. A member may not serve more than two consecutive terms
7.3. The term of the Chair of a championship committee is one year. The Chair is appointed by the outgoing Championship Chair and approved by the Board. The Chair may not serve more than four consecutive terms unless an exception to the limit is approved by the Board of Directors.