Adaptive Sailing


Develop an Adaptive Sailing Center Program

To address the needs of sailors with disabilities, US Sailing created the Adaptive School/Center Accreditation Program. The accreditation recognizes programs that are offering high-quality adaptive programming throughout the United States.

Programs of all types (i.e. both year-round and seasonable; junior and adult, etc.) are eligible, provided they meet the specific guidelines set forth by the Para Sailing Committee. The goal of the Adaptive Sailing Center network is to help formalize the level of instruction throughout the United States and create more opportunities for individuals will all types of disabilities.  Organizations that are recognized as US Sailing Accredited Adaptive Sailing Centers will enjoy increased recognition as one of the best facilities in the country.

We don't specify the type of boat an organization must use. We do not impose limitations on what disability population you work with. Each program can tailor their adaptive programming to suit their facility, their boats, and disability groups that they choose to work with. Each program is expected to use boats that meet minimum safety requirements and are appropriate for the level of disability of the participants. When creating your curriculum, we suggest using the Little Red Book and or the Basic Keelboat material for guidance. The network of US Sailing Affiliated Adaptive Programs provides students with educational and competitive opportunities. The hope is that the individuality and successes of each organization will be recognized as part of the best adaptive sailing network in the country.

Adaptive Center Application