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Hosting a US Sailing Championship

Thank you for your interest in hosting a US Sailing Championship. Many exceptional sailing organizations have hosted a national championship, and it is a wonderful opportunity for you to bring a first class event to your organization and members.

As you look at the possible events, think about what types of sailors and sailing you might like to bring to your organization.  US Sailing teams with its hosts to run the best possible events and leave behind wonderful memories for the volunteers, the club, and the sailors. It is also an enriching process that can enhance sailing at your organization. We also ask that you take a look at our Three Year Future Championship Planning Calendar.

Before beginning the application process, please review the role of the Championship host club as well as the role of the Organizing Authority (US Sailing). Read these carefully and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

The next step is completing the online host bid application. This form ask you some very specific questions designed to help you understand what you may be asked to provide and to guide you in determining which event you might like to bid on. Keep in mind that the requirements may vary from one event type to another (i.e. youth, adult, disabled sailing). For instance, you may want to know if boats are to be provided or not; if so, how many? The form lists pertinent items you may want to include in submitting your bid package to us.

Online Host Bid Application

The application includes the following sections:

Host Organization Logistics

This addresses your organization’s facilities, the sailing waters, travel, housing and food logistics, sailboats and motorboats.

Host Organization Information**

Organization and personnel contact information.  Who will be your regatta chair and what experience have they had?

Certified Race Officials
  • It is important to secure race officials early, as their schedules fill quickly.  US Sailing appoints the race officials at championship events. We will work with you to identify qualified local officials in your area or recruit officials from outside your area if necessary.
  • National championships require nationally certified officials in the Principal Race Officer and Chief Judge or Chief Umpire roles. There are also requirements for protest committee or umpire team composition.
  • Please contact the Youth Competition ManagerAdult Director or Race Administration Director for more information about appointing certified officials. Regulation 10.06 describes the requirements in detail and this table provides a summary.
Compliance Certification

In order to complete a bid, the Compliance Certification form must be completed. This bid is a contract between the Host and US Sailing and must be signed by a flag officer of your club who represents the board of directors of the host club.

Additional Information

Please feel free to include photos of the facilities (clubhouse, inside and outside) and launching area/pier. Additional photos of your venue and racing area or any other descriptive material you may have available to supplement your application are very helpful.

Please send your bid package via e-mail at Call 401-342-7900 if you should have any questions or need further clarification on a particular event.

** US Sailing prohibits the use of indemnification and hold harmless agreements by host clubs.

US Sailing Regulations