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Donations to the US Sailing Foundation support the sport of sailing by expanding access to sailing, providing the highest standards in training, and fostering competitive excellence for all sailors, of all ages and skill levels, in every sailing discipline.

Your tax deductible contribution to the US Sailing Foundation will be invested in programs that expand access to sailing, provide highest standards in training and foster competitive excellence. Direct your support to one or more of the following investment options:

Where Most Needed

Flexibility in asset allocation gives US Sailing leadership the ability to invest strategically in the areas of greatest need, balance program revenue streams, and provide management with the agility to respond to remarkable opportunities that arise unexpectedly.


Access to Sailing Key Initiatives in 2017-2020

  1. Reach STEM Sailing Initiative – develop essential academic and career skills through sailing.
  2. First Sail – introduce newcomers to sailing organizations in their local communities and foster ongoing participation in sailing.


Training & Education Key Initiatives, 2017-2020

  1. Youth Sailing Model – revise the traditional youth sailing pyramid to offer more pathways, build broader skills, keep young sailors engaged and create accomplished, adaptable sailors for life.
  2. Digital Educational Platforms – bring US Sailing Safety, Instructor, Coaching and Sailor Training Programs into the digital age. Mobile optimized course materials and interactive platforms will offer widespread and instant access to best practices in sailing instruction at any time, from any location.


Competitive Excellence – Key Initiatives, 2017-2020

Transform U.S. Olympic Sailing through investment in US Sailing’s Professional Performance System to keep our athletes competitive and restore our nation’s place on the Olympic podium.

Project Pipeline, a component of the US Sailing Olympic Program, provides up-and-coming young sailing talent with access to high-performance training and equipment.

Your support provides the training and inspiration young sailors need to reach for the top of our sport and create a new generation of sailing legends.


 Amazon Smile & US Sailing

If you purchase from Amazon consider designating US Sailing to contribute .5% of all eligible purchases as a donation from Amazon. You can share the link with your family and friends, it is a no cost way to support US Sailing.

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