The Current Context

Throughout the sailing community, there is deep concern over the sustainability of our sport, but the fragmented nature of sailing makes common solutions and unified action elusive. The result is a sport that is fractured, experiencing little growth and losing relevance in today's culture.

In recent years, US Sailing has focused on developing channels that expand access and raise the bar in training and competitive standards; but it’s not enough.

Sailing Must Change Faster because the World is Changing Faster

The US Sailing Foundation will secure the resources required for US Sailing to develop innovative and dynamic programs that represent the way people want to sail, provide the skills to master technically advanced equipment and align with the way we all consume information and connect to each other.

Vision & Purpose

Sailing is evolving.  At US Sailing, we’re not just adapting . . . we’ve changed our heading, streamlined our governance, leveraged technology to expand our reach and optimized our organizational structure.  We now have an efficient platform to launch the new US Sailing Foundation and develop the resources to launch the sport of sailing into the future.

A future where . . .

  • inclusion and diversity is the standard
  • newcomers enjoy access to affordable and inclusive local sailing communities
  • every sailor is trained to the highest possible standards in their choice of equipment
  • every competitor has opportunities to excel and achieve their personal best
  • extraordinary talent is fully prepared to compete and win at pinnacle events around the world

investment options

Build a Strong & Vibrant Future for Our Sport

Donations to the US Sailing Foundation support the sport of sailing by expanding access to sailing, providing the highest standards in training, and fostering competitive excellence for all sailors, of all ages and skill levels, in every sailing discipline. Every dollar is invested to build a strong and vibrant future for our sport.


How you can help


2018 Initiatives

Squaring. Impacting. Building.

Find out more about US Sailing Foundation's 2018 Campaigns and how you can help.

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US Sailing Foundation Initiatives



US Sailing Leadership Societies

Welcoming Change Agents Aboard to Lead & Invest in a Revitalized Future for Sailing

US Sailing is in a singular position to drive change by redefining standards in skill development models and providing a breadth of sailing experiences to produce skilled, well-rounded and adaptable sailors. Our congressional mandate provides the authority, but not the funding, to develop a complete continuum of learning and sailing experiences – from the entry ramp to the podium platform.

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Governance and Financials

The United States Sailing Foundation (USSF) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. In accordance with IRS regulations, copies of our audited financial statements and Form 990 for the current and two previous years are posted. Financial information for the United States Sailing Foundation will be updated each year upon completion of the audited financial statements and filing of the Form 990.

USSF Board of Directors

  • David Rosekrans, President
  • Bruce Burton, Vice President
  • John Lovell, Treasurer
  • Lee Parks, Secretary
  • Jack Gierhart, CEO
  • Tom Hubbell
  • Gary Jobson
  • David Loring
  • Jim Muldoon
  • Tim Rutter

USSF Board of Trustees

  • Jane and Bruce Burton
  • Steve and Michelle Meehen
  • James Schoonmaker
  • Tom & Stacey Siebel