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Wheels on the Dock, A Collaborative Series of How-To Webinars with US Sailing and Challenged Sailors San Diego

Everything From Getting Started; Managing Safety; Assisting Sailors; Adapting Equipment; Transferring Sailors; Adaptive/Inclusive Competition and More

 All Four Sessions Were Recorded and Can be Found Below - Enjoy!



Find a Great Place to Sail

Below is a list of organizations that offer adaptive programs.

There is a wide scope of programming offered so we suggest you contact the program in your area for more specific detail.

This list is continually being updated and improved and we ask that you contact if you know of a program that needs to be added to this list.

US Sailing Member Organizations

Non- Member Organizations

Consider the Brendan Sail Training Program

The Brendan Sail Training Program is a sailing training program that builds confidence and improves self-esteem for youth with learning differences through sailing education.

Brendan focuses on each student and his or her individual needs. While the primary focus is on sailing skills, the end result is a strong sense of accomplishment and enhanced self-worth. Brendan's mission is to build pathways for self-confidence and personal growth in children with learning differences through sailing.

For more information, please visit

Blind / Vision Impaired Sailing

Sailors who are blind or vision impaired have been involved in organized sailing programs since 1979.

However, only within the past 20 years has blind sailing in the U.S. become more widespread and recognized. In addition, blind sailing has taken on an international aspect, with eight Blind World Sailing Championships having been held since 1992.

For more information, please be sure to visit Blind Sailing International.

  An Introduction to Sailing with the Visually ImpairedA guide for instructors and sailing companions. Paula Stone AQVA-Quebec Adaptive Sailing Association

Podcasts/Videos on Blind Sailing

Eyes Free Sports - hosted by Greg Lindberg

This episode is on Twin Cities Blind Sailing and the current state of blind sailing in the U.S.  Listen here:




Gay S. Lynn Memorial Trophy


The Gay S. Lynn Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to a person that is selected by the Para Sailing Committee as having made an outstanding contribution for sailors with disabilities and the sport of adaptive sailing over a sustained period of time.

This is the highest award given by the Para Sailing Committee and is presented at the Sailing Leadership Forum or National Sailing Programs Symposium.



Past Recipients

Robie Pierce Award for the Outstanding Adaptive Sailing Program

The Robie Pierce Award recognizes an outstanding program for sailors with disabilities and is given annually to a program that has made notable contributions to promote public access sailing for sailors with disabilities.

This award is given to an adaptive sailing program by the Para Sailing Committee and is presented either at the Sailing Leadership Forum or National Sailing Programs Symposium.



Past Recipients

Grants for the Adaptive Community

US Sailing Pioneer Grant- Currently Unavailable

US Sailing does not have any involvement with the granting organizations listed below and provides no guarantee that the information is current. Please contact the providing organizations directly for more information.

Disabled Sport USA

Kelly Brush Foundation

United Spinal Association- list of several grants

VA Adaptive Sports


Grants listed within the link below are posted as a courtesy and are not grants that US Sailing is directly involved with. Grants are both for organizations and individuals. US Sailing does not have any involvement with granting organizations listed and provides no guarantee that the information is current. Please contact the providing organizations directly for more information.

If you are an organization that would like your grant added to the listing, please contact Stu Gilfillen at

Non-Specific Marine Industry Grant Opportunities

Challenged Athletes Foundation Grants

CAF’s mission is to serve people with physical disabilities through sport and fitness with meaningful grants. Over the last 27 years, they have given over 30,000 grants to individuals with permanent physical disabilities worldwide. Click here to learn more about their different grant programs and the eligibility requirements:

NCHPAD - National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability

Piers Park Sailing Center - Adaptive Sailing Virtual Voyage Video Series

Take a journey on Boston Harbor

If you have a spinal cord injury, or you work or volunteer at a community sailing program – watch our adaptive sailing virtual voyage to learn about the experience! This video series was made possible by support from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

To view the Virtual Voyage Videos click here


Are you looking for a particular piece of equipment to increase access to the water at your center and not quite sure where to look for ideas? US Sailing is here to help!  If you can't find what you are looking for please contact our Adaptive Programs Department for assistance.

Adaptive Sailing Equipment - from our friends at

Life Jacket and Rescue Study

An in-depth Life Jacket and Rescue Study of Boaters with Adaptive Needs conducted by Clagett Regatta

Transfer Lifts

Transfer Box


Vision Services

Electric Cars & Accessibility: What Drivers with Disabilities Need to Know

Public Access Standards for Organizations

Story Spotlights

  • Watch two sisters - Jenny and Laura explore sailing through wheelchair accessible San Francisco:
Adaptive Sailing with BAADS - Disabled Sailors

  • Camp Chingachgook's Y-Knot Sailing Program (a US Sailing Certified Adaptive Sailing Center)

An Empowering story of a young boy from a non-sailing family takes to the sport.

  • Gulfport Yacht Club navigate blind sailing students through yacht class.

Blind sailing at Gulfport Yacht Club

Additional Resources

Therapeutic Use of Sailing for People with Physical Disabilities: Virtual Reality to Reality

  • Presentation provided by East Carolina University - Cari E. Autry and Stephen C. Anderson

Clagett Sailor and Organization Resource Library

Travel - Transportation Guide

Service Dogs

Communication Outreach

US Sailing's Where to Sail Database- How to take control of your account.

Is your organization's Where to Sail information accurate and up-to-date? US Sailing's tool allows organizations to advertise themselves, specify facility offerings, what equipment and fleets are available, and drive traffic to their social media channels.

To activate Where to Sail or change any details, login to your organizations MyUSSailing account using your Member ID and password.



Why is it so important to use social media?

Social media platforms are another form of marketing. Your messaging can reach further, quicker and easier than any traditional media marketing can. Many individuals find it comforting to see first hand what your program is about, how it is run, and what kind of benefits it can bring to them. Using social media to share the amazing things that are happening at your club or sailing center will create awareness and ultimately invite people to be a part of something great they may not have been aware of in the past!

Capturing Sailors Using Social Media

Social Media How To WEBINAR

How To Download Apps


  • Facebook is great for keeping current members and potential members in the loop in many ways, whether that be through status updates or posting photos and videos
  • Facebook also gives you the opportunity to create awareness about an event you may be hosting, such as a regatta or fundraiser. You can invite your Facebook friends or public viewers to that event, give them all the details and can constantly update information about the event whenever you please
  • Social Media How-To: Facebook
  • Facebook Presentation


  • Using Instagram allows you to connect with your members or potential members in multiple ways, whether that be through Instagram posts, stories, Instagram TV or going Live.
  • Instagram is great for keeping members updated on events and promotions happening whether that day or the next day and letting people follow along with what goes on at your program on any given day.
  • Social Media How-To: Instagram
  • Instagram Presentation


  • Twitter is great for keeping conversation flowing with member and potential members of your program and following along with trends happening in the sailing world.
  • Twitter is really useful on a day you are hosting an event, giving people Tweet updates about what is going, the weather, postponements- it’s a great way to keep people in the loop in real-time
  • Social Media How-To: Twitter
  • Twitter Presentation