Your Generosity Supports the Athlete/Coach Connection

52 Trofeo S.A.R. Princesa Sofía Mallorca, © Sailing Energy / Princesa Sofía Mallorca 06 April 2023


Alongside every great sailor, you’ll find an exceptional coach. The bond they develop can propel the athlete to push beyond their limits and achieve remarkable results.

Your support of US Sailing is key to ensuring that today’s Olympic hopefuls work with the very best coaches in their disciplines and that the coaches have the personalities and experiences that work best for the athletes and their classes.

“Juanma has taken the iQFOiL Men’s team to a level I didn’t think possible,” said US Sailing Team member, Noah Lyons, of his coach Juan Manuel Moreno. “Through his expertise and leadership, we have risen to the top of the international leaderboards. I have no doubt he will take us to the top of the global podium.”

The athlete’s dedication, discipline, and determination drive them forward in their quest for excellence. And their coach is with them, offering guidance, encouragement, and mentorship.

Coaches are always there, serving as a trusted advisor in the best of times and in the most challenging situations. With their wealth of experience and expertise, they help sailors fine-tune techniques while also serving as mentors and confidants. Their guidance empowers the athletes to navigate the complexities of high-level competition and fuels their desire to represent America on the grand stage of the Olympics.

Your support is pivotal in enabling today’s Olympic hopefuls to build an Athlete-Coach bond that is based on mutual trust, respect, and a shared commitment to success. A bond that will lead them to the highest levels of achievement.

Thank you for your unwavering support of the sailors and coaches on the journey to Olympic qualification and beyond. Your confidence and encouragement play an instrumental role in nurturing the relationship that can take the athletes to the pinnacle of success!