Thankful for Crew

If 2020 was a tough year to find crew, maybe we just weren’t looking at who was hiding in plain sight. At the Treasure Island Sailing Center this past Thanksgiving, a community of youth racers made lemonade from a season of lemons with the only crew we could find: their families.

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An “Oldie but Goodie” – How the Shields Class Stays Happy and Healthy

How is it that the Shields Class can be so optimistic given recent setbacks and amidst the current global uncertainty? A short list of reasons can be summarized: Passion, Organizational Strength, Strong Communication, and holding steadfast to the Shield’s rigid one design class rules.

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Interview with Mike Wyatt, President of the American Model Yachting Association

The American Model Yachting Association was founded 50 years ago as an informal organization. Currently, membership stands at approximately 2,250 members and they sanction about 30 classes of radio controlled boats. Learn more about this fun, growing area of sport.

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US Sailing’s One Design Central Launches New Fleet Finder 

As an important part of the ongoing development and content creation process for One Design Central, US Sailing has organized and published an interactive map comprised of one design fleet locations around the United States. With so many fleets representing various sailboats and sailing disciplines around the country, it is important for sailors be able to easily find a fleet to sail with.  

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WATCH THE REPLAY on The Starboard Portal – Increasing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Sport of Sailing

The panel discussed ways sailors and sailing organizations can implement strategies now to increase awareness and opportunities within their sailing organizations and programs for individuals from diverse backgrounds and people of color. The panelists provided practical guidance for conducting outreach in your local communities and best practices on fostering relationships with community leaders and influencers to help you achieve your diversity, equity and inclusion goals. Watch the replay!

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WATCH THE REPLAY: Introducing One Design Central with Betsy Alison

US Sailing is excited to launch a new online resource specifically for one design sailors! If you are looking for information on where to sail, stories on best practices, resources for classes and sailors, or details on what kinds of one design boats are out there for you, please visit One Design Central – your new “go to” for everything one design! US Sailing Adult Director, Betsy Alison, will walk you through the new One Design Central and answer any of your questions. Watch the replay!

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Staying Engaged with Sailors: Lake Minnetonka Sailing School with Jessica Haverstock

Lake Minnetonka Sailing School stays engaged with their members and sailing community through creative remote control sailboat racing.

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Janel Zarkowsky on Siebel Sailors Program at Downtown Sailing Center 

This fall season was busy for the newly selected centers within the three regions of the Siebel Sailors Program. Each center accepted delivery of new RS Feva XL sailboats, rearranged their dock space to showcase the new fleet, and fit a Demo Day event into their already packed schedules! Luckily, the Mid-Atlantic region was blessed with ideal conditions that made each Demo Day a delight.   

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Reviving Your Regional Youth Racing

By Andrew Nelson Andrew Nelson, Youth Sailing Director at The Sailing Foundation in Redmond, Washington, has found success in revitalizing regular youth racing in the Pacific Northwest. Here he shares some lessons and practical advice for others looking to grow the sport in their area. In fall of 2014, I began managing the Northwest Youth…Read More

Five Basic Navigation Rules for Sailing Situations

Courtesy on the water makes sailing more fun for everyone. But beyond courtesy, there are Navigation Rules - like traffic laws - that can be enforced by authorities. Navigation Rules help prevent accidents and apply to the smallest rowboat and the largest tanker. Less experienced sailors should stay clear of boating traffic and sail defensively.…Read More