Q&A with Dave Perry on the New Racing Rules of Sailing for 2021-2024

1. Why do the racing rules change every four years? The racing rules are locked in place for a four-year period, and can be changed the year after the Olympics. That keeps the rules from changing every year, as they do in most sports, but allows World Sailing to improve the rules as the sport evolves.…Read More

The NEW Racing Rules App is Ready for Download

US Sailing has developed a NEW mobile-optimized Racing Rules App that includes the racing rules and other resources, including the ability to file a protest through the app, a whiteboard for diagramming boat-on-boat interactions, and an extensive resource library. The text of the rulebook is fully searchable and there is also a traditional index. The app is ready for download!

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Developing the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2021-2024

Want to know how the new Racing Rules of Sailing for 2021-2024 all came together? Learn more about all the work put in by US Sailing committee volunteers and staff to make this happen every four years in this conversation with US Sailing Race Administration Director, Matt Hill.

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US Sailing Leadership Forum for Race Management: Important Considerations for Return to Racing

The Starboard Portal hosted the US Sailing Leadership Forum for Race Management on Thursday, May 28. Click to WATCH the recorded session.

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Join us LIVE for an Online Session of the US Sailing Leadership Forum

Please join us for a live session of the US Sailing Leadership Forum streamed on The Starboard Portal on Thursday, May 7 at 5:30 pm EDT/2:30 pm PDT.

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Tom Duggan (USA) Discusses PRO Appointment for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Tom Duggan (East Sandwich, Mass.) of the USA will head the Race Management Team as the Principal Race Officer (PRO). Duggan was PRO at the Ready Steady Tokyo – Sailing Olympic test event in August and has many years of international experience across the sport.

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An Alternative Idea to Hand Operated Flags for Race Committees

Patrick O’Donnell has an idea! As the Club Race Officer at St. Croix Sailing Club in Hudson, Wisconsin, Patrick has made some useful observations about hand operate flags and how they are used in race starts. Patrick has an alternative option…

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US Sailing Approves Background Check Policy for Certified Race Officials

The US Sailing Board of Directors on November 14, 2019, approved a background check policy for race officials whose purpose is to further ensure a safe environment for all participants in our sport and protect persons at risk, including minors and vulnerable adults.

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Reviving Your Regional Youth Racing

By Andrew Nelson Andrew Nelson, Youth Sailing Director at The Sailing Foundation in Redmond, Washington, has found success in revitalizing regular youth racing in the Pacific Northwest. Here he shares some lessons and practical advice for others looking to grow the sport in their area. In fall of 2014, I began managing the Northwest Youth…Read More

Dave Perry’s Racing Rules: Quiz 23

Quiz 23 Boats W (a windward boat) and L (a leeward boat) are reaching towards the gybe mark. L becomes overlapped with W from clear astern. They are both sailing proper courses and are on a collision course. As they near each other, W hails, “You came from clear astern and I’m on my proper…Read More