Meet Your Personal Navigator

Deb and Zelle are ready to take your call!
Deb is your connection to everything US Sailing.


“Thank you for calling US Sailing, this is Deb. How may I help you?”

If you’ve ever dialed US Sailing, the voice behind this greeting will be familiar to you.

Deb Rainey has been a vital part of the Membership Team for the past six years. From her post at the front desk, she welcomes visitors, answers incoming calls, and serves as a navigator for all things US Sailing. Deb can answer your questions about all aspects of the organization, your membership status or benefits, and even direct you to the best breakfast place in town!

What does she like best about working with US Sailing members and donors?

“I love the diversity with my job,” Deb says. “I never know what to expect when I walk in each day. And I learn a lot just by listening to people’s stories.”

When asked to share her favorite US Sailing story, Deb said “I help so many people, it’s impossible to share just one story. But I do love it when talking to some members or their Mom and they recognize my name because I have helped them before. And it’s great when they come to the office, and I get to meet them in person.”

A native of Bristol, RI, Deb knows the local community well. For the past 22 years, she has volunteered on the Bristol Fourth of July Committee. It’s an honor and responsibility that she takes very seriously as she feels it’s important to give back to the community where you live. And since Bristol is home to America’s oldest continuous Fourth of July celebration, the planning for the following year’s activities begins on July 5th!

Deb’s greatest achievements though are being the proud mom of daughter Marisa and dog mom to Reilly. Her love of dogs extends to the office, where you’ll often find US Sailing’s unofficial mascot, Betsy Alison’s dog, Zelle, sitting by Deb’s desk.

Some days, Deb will answer more than 50 calls from members and donors. What’s the most common reason members call in? She answers cheerily, “I change a lot of passwords!”

If you need help with your US Sailing membership, have a question about any of our programs, or just need to update your password, give Deb a call at (401) 342-7900. She’s here to help you get the most out of your US Sailing experience. And a chat with Deb is sure to brighten your day!