How US Sailing Makes Our Boat Club Stronger

People often ask Glede Holman why he thinks it’s so important for his club to have an organizational membership in US Sailing.

They’re especially curious since his club is in the middle of the country, about as far away from the ocean as you can get!

“We’re a small club with under 300 members,” said Glede, Commodore of the Oklahoma City Boat Club. “But we have a national reputation. We signed up for the highest level of MVP membership this year and I know we’ll get our money’s worth. There’s no doubt that it will pay for itself.”

Glede continues, “I never realized before how many ways the MVP membership in US Sailing can benefit the Club.” He is working hard to optimize as many opportunities as possible.

A very active racing club, Oklahoma City offers learn-to-sail classes for all ages, women’s-only programs, a full calendar of regattas, and a wide range of courses. They’ve hosted several US Championships in the past and work hard to offer as much value as possible to local sailors.

Recently the Club used MVP points to give individual memberships to instructors, race officials, and students who are studying to become one of the two. These folks will bolster the club by providing outstanding sailing instruction and officiating at races, which in turn may result in more people becoming US Sailing members. When that happens, the Club will earn additional MVP points that the club can use to claim even more benefits. It’s a virtuous cycle!

“I’m happy to be part of an organization that supports my interests and the things I’m passionate about, and they do it in a safe way,” Glede noted. “I see the professionalism of how US Sailing operates, and it gives us credibility.”

Glede is currently working with the Club’s PRO to develop a training program for Race Committee Officials, taking advantage of the opportunity to offer US Sailing’s authorized courses.

“I wouldn’t be able to share my passion for sailing and water sports but for my membership in US Sailing!”

You can learn more about the benefits you and your club can enjoy as members of US Sailing here!