Become a Reach Lead/ Instructor Trainer

Course Overview

An intensive one-day certification course for potential Reach Instructor Trainers, instructor candidates will learn the fundamentals of STEM and Sailing instruction. They will be introduced to current research to define the best methods for course delivery based on research-based instruction.

Candidates must successfully demonstrate superior presentation, teaching and STEM/ Sailing content skills in order to complete this course. Upon graduation, instructors will be eligible to teach US Sailing Reach STEM Educator PD courses. Certified Instructors have access to numerous benefits including; continuing education, and marketing resources.


Download the Reach IT Application
Email your complete application to

Course Goals

Lead/Teach Reach STEM Educator Courses at your facility and facilities across the country.
Gain US Sailing Certification as a Reach Instructor.
Prepare your prospective sailing instructors and educators for the Reach Initiative tools and research based practices of US Sailing’s STEM Educator Courses.
Improve the content and delivery of your own teaching practice in alignment with US Sailing National STEM Education Initiative

Performance Components

Inquiry-Based Learning Instructional Model
Inquiry-based Teaching
Engineering by Design
Student Learning Theory
Reach Module Content
Overall Incorporation of Reach Curriculum
Relationship of curriculum to sailing instruction and classroom based instruction
All instructor Candidates must be prepared to present two Reach modules to the group


Successful completion of US Sailing STEM Educator Course
Must be at least 25 years old or turn 25 within the calendar year of the course you are taking.
Ability to exhibit appropriate personal and interpersonal skills.
Current US Sailing Adult Individual Membership (To purchase a membership please visit the US Sailing Website)

All of the following are highly recommended:

2-5 years experience as a formal or informal educator
US Sailing Level  1 or Keelboat certified
Teaching Certification

Course Materials

1. Reach Educator Guide Middle School Modules 1-10 -bring your copy
2. Reach IT Binder – you will receive at the course

Course Fees

Reach Lead Instructor Trainer Course: $200
Late fee for registration 1 week prior to a course $50
US Sailing Adult Individual Membership ($60 1 yr, $110 2 yr, $145 3 yr)

Cancellation Policy

Course fees are nonrefundable.
For cancellations more than 4 weeks before the course date, the fee is transferable to another course.
For cancellations within the 4 week period, ½ of the course fee will be transferable to another course.
For no-shows, 100% of the course fee is forfeited.
If Reach or the host venue cancels the course, 100% of the course fee will be refunded or transferred to another course.


Download the Reach IT Application

Email your complete application to

Scholarship Information

Scholarships will be awarded to individuals that have been accepted into the Reach IT Course and who are traveling a great distance to the course and or incurring financial hardship. Individuals are required to register and pay the course registration fee of $200. Upon completion of the Reach IT Course, Awardees will be reimbursed for their registration fees by US Sailing in the amount of $200.

Scholarship Timeline

Reach Initiative scholarship applications will be reviewed in the order that they are received. Once scholarships are awarded, recipients will be notified.


  1. Reach IT applicants must have been accepted into the Reach IT Course by the Review Committee.
  2. Reach IT Applicants must be fully registered and paid for the Reach IT Course.
  3. Please provide a summary of the expenses you will incur to attend the Reach IT Course. Please include the number of miles you need to travel to attend.
  4. Complete and submit a W-9 with your application
Please submit the completed scholarship application and completed W-9 by email to Jessica Servis by hard copy to:

US Sailing- Reach Scholarship
c/o Jessica Servis
2 Sea Sounds Ave
Marmora, NJ 08223