Keelboat Instructor Programs

Cruising Instructor

A three-day course for experienced Basic Cruising, Bareboat Cruising Instructors to test and evaluate their teaching, sailing and navigational skills

The course evaluates candidates’ ability to handle challenging conditions and navigational situations during daytime and nighttime, as well as their interpersonal skills in a live-aboard environment. Candidates will live and sail aboard their assigned boats.


  • Current US Sailing Basic Keelboat Instructor Certification - This is a REQUIREMENT for registration.
  • Minimum 5,000 nm of coastal and offshore sailing experience (relevant to Basic Cruising and Bareboat Cruising) on an inboard auxiliary powered sailboat equipped with stove, head, and freshwater and electrical systems
  • Ability to perform the procedures necessary to be a Cruising Instructor
  • Current U.S. Coast Guard license (includes Auxiliary Sail Endorsement) or be in the process of obtaining one
  • Current US Sailing membership
  • Current First Aid and CPR. Certifications issued American Red Cross (ARC) and the American Heart Association (AHA) are accepted, as well as those courses approved by the U.S. Coast Guard. A state-licensed EMT, registered nurse, or physician is accepted as having met US Sailing's First Aid and CPR requirements. Candidates do not need to complete the CPR/First Aid Training in advance of the course, however, certification will NOT be valid unless accompanied by current First Aid and CPR.
  • Be able to perform all commonly required Piloting Skills used in safely piloting a sailing yacht in all conditions of visibility, by day and by night, to a high degree of precision.
  • Cruising Instructors can sign off on Basic Cruising and Bareboat Cruising student certifications.

SAFESPORT:  This program, developed by the US Olympic Committee, is required training for all Instructors. This requirement is also being put in place for other National Governing Bodies. This free online training course must be completed every 2 years. Instructor certification is not active unless SafeSport training has been completed.

  1. Take the Training
  2. Enter your US Sailing member number, if you need to find it click here:
  3. Complete all the modules

Evaluation Length:

Three days


Demonstrate Cruising Instructor skill level and knowledge in the following areas in 23′ to 45′ auxiliary powered sailboats, including wheel steering, inboard, and outboard:

  • Boathandling in moderate to heavy conditions
  • Sail selection and trim
  • Operation and inspection of boat systems and equipment: engine, electrical, bilge pumps, head, freshwater, stoves, emergency, and safety equipment, winches, anchors, harnesses, and jacklines
  • Docking – departure, and arrival under sail and power, and adverse conditions
  • High level of seamanship skills
  • Reefing
  • Sailing under shortened sail
  • Anchoring during daytime or night, including 1 and 2 anchors, use of trip line
  • Picking up a mooring
  • Overboard rescue methods: quick-stop, quick-return, lifesling-type
  • Nighttime sailing
  • Limited visibility situations
  • Simulate procedures for engine failure recovery, sinking, fire, dismasting, grounding recovery
  • Use of VHF radio and emergency procedures: Mayday, Pan and Securite
  • Use of dinghy and outboard
  • Setting watches
  • Storm tactics

Navigation: use of charts, tide/current tables, light list, coastal pilot, and cruising guides; use of variation and deviation; taking bearings and fixes; plotting a DR course and position using time/speed/ distance calculations; application of set and drift; use of accepted plotting and labeling techniques; use of ship’s log; confirm chartwork with GPS. Sailing skills test – Practical*

  • Marlinspike Seamanship test – Practical*
  • Demonstrative and communication ability – Practical
  • Complete working knowledge of the US Sailing Keelboat structure and system – Practical
  • Professional attitude and conduct – Practical
  • Instructor Manual ( includes Navigation Rules, International-Inland, 1-38) test – Written
  • Basic Navigation test – Written and Practical
  • Instructor Trainers’ evaluation

*The marlinspike seamanship skills test will be given to Instructor Candidates by the Instructor Trainer (IT) at the course.

Candidates do not need to complete the CPR/First Aid Training in advance of the course, however, certification will NOT be valid unless accompanied by current First Aid and CPR.

A passing grade for each test will require answering 80% of the questions correctly. Practical and written tests each stand on their own. Each test must be passed and each practical skill demonstrated in order to successfully complete this evaluation session. Absence from any part of the course will exclude the Instructor Candidate from evaluation. The Instructor Trainers determine whether the Instructor Candidate successfully completes the course.


Passing: The Instructor Candidate performed all teaching and practical skills to the Instructor Trainers’ satisfaction. The Instructor Candidate passed all written exams. Absence from any portion of the course excludes the Instructor Candidate from the evaluation.

Plan of Improvement: The Instructor Candidate has not yet successfully completed what is required and has been given a specific Plan of Improvement to complete. This Plan of Improvement must be satisfied within 90 days from its date of issue.  The responsibility for arranging completion of a Plan of Improvement rests solely with the Instructor Candidate. The Instructor Candidate will get only one chance to pass their Plan of Improvement; should they be unsuccessful at this attempt, they will have failed the course. The fee to complete an “on the water” Plan of Improvement is $75.00.  The Instructor Candidate is responsible for any additional expenses.

Failing: Any Instructor Candidate who does not successfully complete any written or practical testing will be failed. The Instructor Candidate, who fails an evaluative course and would still like to become certified US Sailing Instructor, may re-apply for a future course, at full cost, one year from the original course date.

Plan of Completion: US Sailing and US Sailing Instructor Trainers assume no responsibility for lack of wind or other acts of nature. If the Instructor Trainer’s were unable to complete the evaluation, Instructor Candidate’s are issued a Plan of Completion. Arrangements to fulfill the Plan of Completion must be done through the training department within 90 days from the date of its issue. There is no fee for completing a Plan of Completion. The Instructor Candidate is responsible for any additional expenses.



Registration is on a first pay basis. US Sailing will not reserve spots without full payment.

$450.00 Course fee
$500.00 if received within one (1) week of the course start date

*Please note that an additional boat fee may be charged in some circumstances. This course is underwritten by candidates’ fees and a major subsidy from US Sailing. There is also a provisioning fee that will be charged at the dock.

Cancellation and Transfer Policies

Course fees are nonrefundable but are transferable to another course up to 1 week prior to the course start date.

The fee for all transfers is $25.00

To Transfer into a different session:

  1. Log in to your US Sailing account here: MyUSSailing
  2. Select the My Certs and Courses tab from the options on the left, then click the transfer link.
  3. Submit Payment details
  4. Confirm transfer

Course Transfers are not available within the week of the course start.

US Sailing reserves the right to cancel, postpone, abandon or change the venue, date and time of the course should unforeseen circumstances occur or course minimums are not reached. In the event the course is unable to proceed, a course credit will be made available which is good for one (1) year or you may choose a refund.

Fees are not transferable to another candidate.

For more information about the instructor certification course, please contact us.


Basic Keelboat or Cruising Instructor