Cruise for a Cause: Learn to Enlighten – Northwest Yachting

Northwest Yachting June 2016

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Frog Prints e!” partners with local schools and the sailing community to provide hands-on STEM learning through a combination of robotic builds, sailing, and REACH modules.  In the past two years we’ve extended our programing to include summer STEM sailing camps that include a week of sailing, after they’ve undergone a week of hands-on -earning and exploration of Puget sound using REACH modules (1,2,4, 8, and 10 ) with the building of unmanned underwater robots.  By pairing hands-on learning through robotic builds, sailing, and REACH modules on wind measurement, simple machines, buoyancy, and the forces of wind & current; the camp participants quickly become grounded while having fun in their understanding of how math, physics and science are utilized in every day sailing and real world exploration by engineers, scientists and  explorers.







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