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One-Design Class Type: Keelboat

Was this boat built to be sailed by youth or adults? Both

Approximately how many class members do you have? 20

About United States Soling Association

Whether you are an Olympic aspirant or a club sailor, you will find yourself welcome wherever you sail. The Class prides itself on the camaraderie between its “pros” and amateurs. The Soling One-Design Class whose rules are vigilantly guarded to retain that one-designness. But a reading of the Class Rules (which you should do) demonstrates that there is much room for individualism so that you can develop your rig (and your speed) to your heart’s content. The Soling is a challenging boat both in the depth of its competition and in its critical responses to minimal changes in trim. We trust you will be stimulated by these challenges, but remember that all your fellow sailors (including the top ones) will be happy to help if you need it.


Boats Produced: About 3500 world wide

Class boat builder(s):

Contact the International Soling Class at www.soling.com –

Approximately how many boats are in the USA/North America? 700

Where is your One-Design class typically sailed in the USA? List regions of the country:

Lake Michigan (Milwaukee, Wilmette)
Maryland (Annapolis)
California (San Diego, San Francisco)
New York (Plattsburgh, Manhattan)
Massachusetts (Boston)

Does this class have a spinnaker or gennaker? Yes

Ideal combined weight of range of crew:  500

Boat Designed in 1965

Beam: 10

Weight of rigged boat without sails: 2281

Draft: 8

Mast Height: 30