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One-Design Class Type: Dinghy

Was this boat built to be sailed by youth or adults? Both

Approximately how many class members do you have? 15-20

About Tanzer 16

The boat was designed in Canada by Johann Tanzer who recognized the need for a “family friendly” sailboat built with a solid design that was both stable and fast. The boat is 16 feet long with a center board. The rig consists of a non-tapered mast with external halyards and no spreaders. The boats often sport a spinnaker that can be launched from an integral deck chute, simplifying set up and take down. A Tanzer 16 can be rigged and on the water in 30-45 minutes. Since this is a One-Design Class, the specifications and measurements are tightly controlled. The goal is to promote family sailing and racing, eliminating the need for costly equipment. The Tanzer 16 Class Association is an active, tight knit group that is always looking to expand. The Tanzer 16 is no longer in production, but that should not deter the prospective Tanzer skipper. The used boat market is very active in this area and a race ready boat with sails and trailer can be found for around $1000 to $2400. The Tanzer 16 Class Association promotes a racing series in multiple venues in NC in association with the South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association (SAYRA).


Boats Produced: ~1700

Class boat builder(s):

Not currently in production, although the Class Association owns and maintains the molds.

Approximately how many boats are in the USA/North America? ~1500

Where is your One-Design class typically sailed in the USA? List regions of the country:

Most organized activities are in North Carolina and the Mid-Atlantic Region; However, the Tanzer 16 is sailed throughout the USA and Canada.

Does this class have a spinnaker or gennaker? Yes

Ideal combined weight of range of crew:  250 to 320, depending upon wind velocity.

Portsmouth Yardstick Rating:  101

Boat Designed in ~1968

Beam: 6’2″

Weight of rigged boat without sails: 425

Draft: 7″ to 2’9″

Mast Height: 25′