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Photo credit: Nick Tomecek/Northwest Florida Daily News - Weta Trimaran

Search For A Fleet Near You

View our complete Fleet listing simply by scrolling through the pages below or narrow your search by entering information in the fields.                                                                            As you type, our search tool will create a unique list just for you!

Do you know the Class Name? Or, try using the Boat Type search- start typing any of these boat types:

Dinghy   Keelboat   Multihull   Sail/Kite Boards   Foiling   Land/Ice Boats   Radio Control

You can also search by City, State (enter two-letter state abbreviation), or Zip Code.

When you have your list(s), click on Print or Export to take it with you!

Don't see a class fleet represented, reach out to your class administrator and have them contact: to learn how they can add fleets to the list.

This page is continually being updated, so check back regularly.

One Design Fleet Finder [Updated May 2023]