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One-Design Class Type: Dinghy

Was this boat built to be sailed by youth or adults? Both

Approximately how many class members do you have? 4500

About International Finn Class

This singlehanded boat was designed specifically for the Olympics and requires sailors to be average size or above. The fiberglass hull is built to very tight tolerances ensuring a strict one design shape. Well maintained boats from the 1990’s are still competitive and win national events. The high technology, un-stayed carbon fiber mast is available in different degrees of flexibility to suit the sailor’s physical capabilities and allow a wider range of heights and weights to be competitive. The Finn performs very well in both light air, making it ideally suited for small lakes, and is robust enough to be sailed in extreme conditions.

The class culture and community has been best expressed by sailing legend Gus Miller:

“Without a lot of friends, you cannot have good racing, nor can you have good practice, nor can you have an intensely enjoyable time that leaves your life richer. Finn sailors share the knowledge that even if you master yourself, you can never master the boat – it is too subtle to accomplish this.

Finn sailors try to outwork each other, destroy the others on the water with that hard work, then come ashore in sharing the resulting intense adversity. This generates a kind of love that then gets shared with newcomers who will receive lots of help in figuring things out.”

New fleets are forming around the country.


Boats Produced: Over 35,000

Class boat builder(s):

Devoti Sailing,
Pata Marine,

Approximately how many boats are in the USA/North America? 1100

Where is your One-Design class typically sailed in the USA? List regions of the country:

Florida, California, Midwest, Northeast, Colorado, Gulf Coast

Does this class have a spinnaker or gennaker? No

Ideal combined weight of range of crew:  180-260 Lbs

Boat Designed in 1949

Beam: 60″

Weight of rigged boat without sails: 205 Lbs.

Draft: 39″

Mast Height: 22′