San Juan 21 (SJ21)




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One-Design Class Type: Keelboat

Was this boat built to be sailed by youth or adults? Both

Approximately how many class members do you have? ~200

About San Juan 21 (SJ21)

In 1971, the San Juan 21 Class Association was formed in Seattle, Washington. The boat itself is a product of the Seattle-based Clark Boat Company, operated by Bob and Carole Clark and sons.

In the late 60s, it became apparent to the Clarks that there was a niche in the boat market for a lightweight, trailer-based design that could be daysailed and used as a week-end cruiser. They decide to design a boat superior to others in this niche, the San Juan 21. This boat featured a bigger V-berth, an easily stepped rig, and a fully retractable swing keel and kickup rudder. In 1971, the Mark I model was produced in Seattle and an additional facility in New Bern, North Carolina. By 1974, the Mark II model was put into production and more than 2,600 San Juan 21s were subsequently produced by the late 1980s.

San Juan 21 sailors are among the most active sailors in North America. Twenty-ones can be found on the rivers of the Midwest, on the lakes from Calgary, Alberta south to Texas, the coastal mountains, lakes, and shores of both the Pacific and Atlantic.

Three regions now make up the Association: West, Midwest, and East. Each represent well in Regional Championships held each year — and in the North American Championship which rotates through each region on a three year cycle and brings together San Juan 21 sailors from across the nation!


Boats Produced: 2600+

Class boat builder(s): (no longer in business)

Approximately how many boats are in the USA/North America? 2500+

Where is your One-Design class typically sailed in the USA? List regions of the country:

The most active fleets are located in the Pacific Northwest, Southwest and East Coasts.

Does this class have a spinnaker or gennaker? Yes

Ideal combined weight of range of crew:  No weight specified

Portsmouth Yardstick Rating:  258

Boat Designed in 1969

Beam: 7′

Weight of rigged boat without sails: 1400+ lbs minimum class weight

Draft: 4′

Mast Height: