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One-Design Class Type: Dinghy

Was this boat built to be sailed by youth or adults? Both

Approximately how many class members do you have? 100

About Interlake Sailing Class Association

The Interlake Sailing Class has something for everyone, and has been providing the best of racing and fellowship for nearly 100 years!
Our goal has always been to be a Midwest regional class and to promote high-level competition in a friendly atmosphere. Members not only value the feel and performance of the boat, as well as the competition, but also enjoy the festivities which surround the events. This philosophy has served the class well for over seventy years. “Extremely tactical” is the way multi-class champion George Fisher describes Interlake racing. “The stiff mast makes a great equalizer,” says George. This fact also allows the skipper to tune into the great feel and responsiveness of the boat and concentrate on wind and tactics . . . not tweaking the rig. Interlake racing is tight!

“Our mission is to create an environment that promotes keen and friendly competition with an emphasis on teaching and assisting the entry-level sailor. The ISCA is committed to growth through the managing of sales, distribution, and marketing of the Interlake boat.”


Boats Produced: 1450

Class boat builder(s):

Terry Kilpatrick
(419) 349-6109

Approximately how many boats are in the USA/North America? 500

Where is your One-Design class typically sailed in the USA? List regions of the country:

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana

Does this class have a spinnaker or gennaker? Yes

Ideal combined weight of range of crew:  400

Portsmouth Yardstick Rating:  90

Boat Designed in 1933

Beam: 6′ 3″

Weight of rigged boat without sails: 650

Draft: Board Up: 8″ Board Down: 4′ 7″

Mast Height: 24′