2019 U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship

U.S. Junior Women's Doublehanded Championship

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July 19, 2019 – July 24, 2019

San Diego Yacht Club
San Diego, California

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Previous Winners

U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded 29er Champion

  • 2019 – Svenja Leonard and Adra Ivancich, Santa Barbara Yacht Club
  • 2023 Annie Sitzmann and Daphne Walsh, Sail1Design
  • 2022 Sophia Devling and Piper Blackband, Balboa Yacht Club & Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club
  • 2021 Event not sailed
  • 2020 Event not sailed
  • 2019 Katharine Doble and Zoey Ziskind, California Yacht Club & Santa Barbara Yacht Club (Club 420 class) & 2019 Svenja Leonard and Adra Ivancich, Santa Barbara Yacht Club (29er class)
  • 2018 Maddie Hawkins and Yumi Yoshiyasu, Annapolis Yacht Club & Houston Yacht Club
  • 2017 Maddie Hawkins and Kimmie Leonard, Annapolis Yacht Club
  • 2016 Sarah Burn and Patricia Gerli, Bay Head Yacht Club & Mantoloking Yacht Club
  • 2015 Stephanie Houck and Camille White, Annapolis Yacht Club
  • 2014 Lucy Wilmot and Sally Wilmot, San Francisco Yacht Club & Richmond Yacht Club
  • 2013 Carolyn Smith and Bayley Davidson, Newport Harbor YC & Balboa YC/Balboa Yacht Club
  • 2012 Allyson Donahue and Maddie Widmeir, Brigantine Yacht Club/Brant Yacht Club
  • 2011 Sarah Williams and Ali Blumenthal, Bay Head Yacht Club/Bellport Yacht Club
  • 2010 Kate Rakelly and Colleen Hackett, Mission Bay Yacht Club
  • 2009 Chanel Miller and Yuri Namikawa, Lauderdale Yacht Club/California Yacht Club
  • 2008 Sydney Bolger and Caitlin Beavers, Alamitos Bay Yacht Club/Newport Harbor Yacht Club
  • 2007 Emily Maxwell and Kelly Stannard, Ram Island Yacht Club/Niantic Bay Yacht Club
  • 2006 Amanda Johnson and Ellie O’Brien, Beach Haven Yacht Club/Bay Head Yacht Club
  • 2005 Rebecca Dellenbaugh and Leigh Hammel, Pequot Yacht Club/Noroton Yacht Club
  • 2004 Roberta Steele and Meredith Nordhem, Houston Yacht Club/Chicago Yacht Club
  • 2003 Leigh Kempton and Kaity Storck,Toms River Yacht Club/Centerport Yacht Club
  • 2002 Derby Anderson and Lucy Kupersmith, Severn Sailing Association/Fishing Bay Yacht Club
  • 2001 Molly Carapiet and Mallory McCollum, St. Francis Yacht Club
  • 2000 Julie Papanek and Lindsay Duda, Chicago Yacht Club
  • 1999 Abby Swann and Katie Clausen, San Francisco Yacht Club/St. Francis Yacht Club
  • 1998 Margaret Gill and Abby Curran, Wianno Yacht Club
  • 1997 Erin Maxwell and Laurin Manning, Ram Island Ycht Club
  • 1996 Erin Maxwell and Tammy Passano, Ram Island Yacht Club
  • 1995 Anika Leerssen and Monique Roeder – Ida Lewis Yacht Club


  • 2022 Isabella Loiselle
  • 2021 Event not sailed
  • 2020 Event not sailed
  • 2019
  • 2018 Emma Friedauer and Samantha Hemans
  • 2017 Ann Sheridan and Julia Skoglund
  • 2016 Marina Geilen and Natalia Gagliano
  • 2015 Meredith Morran and Natalie Hopper
  • 2014 Maddie Gruenke
  • 2013 Lucy Wilmot and Maya Dornbrand-Lo
  • 2012 Samantha and Elizabeth Foulston
  • 2011 Boo Devanny and Amanda Wagner
  • 2010 Carolyn Smith and Bayley Davidson
  • 2009 Rachel Glenn and Jean Rutledge
  • 2008 Stephanie Hudson and Laura McKenna
  • 2007 Caroline Wright and Megan Place
  • 2006 Kate Donnelly and Alli Moorhead
  • 2005 Kerry Morrison and Kerri McHugh
  • 2004 Meredith Muller
  • 2003 Meredith Muller


2019 Event Program


  • Club 420: send Zim Sailing’s charter agreement to to request a charter for the event.
  • 29ers: contact

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About This Event

The U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship is an open event open that includes two days of clinic and three days of championship racing in two fleets: the Club 420 and the 29er. No private coaching is allowed, instead US Sailing Level 3 Certified coaches are provided to lead world-class training and coach all competitors to enhance the experience, sailing skills, and competitive sportsmanship of the group. This unique, all girls event provides junior sailors with a chance to build their skills in an all female environment and foster friendships for a lifetime!

  • Type of Event: Open
  • Fleets: Club 420, 29er
  • Competitors must have reached their 13th birthday but not their 19th in calendar year, and be eligible to compete per the Notice of Race.
  • The US Sailing Youth National Coach and staff are hired for the entire event to provide equal guidance to all competitors. No private coaching is allowed.
  • This regatta is made possible by the generous support of the C. Thomas Clagett Trust



29er fleet added to the 2019 US Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship!

The US Junior Women’s Championships Committee has approved the addition of a 29er fleet to the 2019 US Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship, racing in a separate fleet in addition to the Club 420 Class. Please refer to the NoR for additional registration details.



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2019 U.S. Junior Women's Doublehanded Championship

Championship History

The Singlehanded Championship, sailed in Laser Radials, was started by Tom Clagett in 1980 at the Ida Lewis Yacht Club, Newport, RI and sailed for a trophy named in memory of Tom’s wife, Nancy, who died in April, 1977. In 1985, USYRU (now US Sailing) agreed to support the event on a trial basis. In 1986, it became the U.S. Junior Women’s Singlehanded Championship for the Nancy Leiter Clagett Memorial Trophy. The U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship for the Ida Lewis Trophy championship was started in 1995 when it became apparent that a second championship in a doublehanded boat was needed to complement the singlehanded event. It became a US Sailing national championship in 1996.

A separate sportsmanship prize was later added to both championships in 2001, following Tom’s death in June of that year and a family logo was created for the championships incorporating Tom’s and Nancy’s private yacht signals. Nancy’s signal was a green ladder on a yellow rectangle since “Leiter” is German for ladder. Tom and Nancy’s first boat was named “The Barefoot Girl” after Nancy’s preference not to wear shoes. Tom’s private signal became two white bare feet on a blue triangle. The Singlehanded class flag is Nancy’s signal flag, and the Doublehanded class flag is a representation of the Ida Lewis lighthouse.