Charles Higgins

Charles Higgins

Charles Higgins is the head coach of the Varsity Sailing Team at Tulane University in New Orleans. Charles is working hard to build up this new varsity collegiate sailing program, which he finds both challenging and exceptionally rewarding.


How would you describe your coaching style?

“I’m a very deliberate coach. I want my athletes to expect that I will be very detail oriented for their benefit. At the end of the day I am here for my athletes and to provide them with what they need to succeed, and that is what I aim to do!”

Do you have any advice for sailors attending the US Sailing Championships you are coaching at?

“Take in everything you can! There are so many talented sailors and coaches around you. It’s the perfect environment to learn and progress as a sailor regardless of your current ability level.”

Fun fact about Coach Charles:

“I can make a pretty decent Chewbacca call.”

Events coaching at:

U.S. Youth Championship, i420 fleet

U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship, c420 fleet