Giselle Camet Nyenhuis

Giselle Nyenhuis

Giselle Camet Nyenhuis

Giselle Camet Nyenhuis is a former Olympian, ISAF Youth World Champion and 3x U.S. Junior Women’s Singlehanded Champion for the Leiter Trophy. Giselle is involved at the San Diego Yacht Club working to create a high-performance youth sailing group focused on 29ers with the goal to incorporate Laser Radials and other Youth Worlds classes. This work is part of a larger goal Giselle is working on to increase the number and skill set of sailors in Southern California to bring them to the national and international competition levels. The best advice that Giselle wants sailors to know who are attending the U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship is to, “Come prepared. Preparation includes time in the boat, being organized off the water, and being both physically and mentally ready to spend five to six days working hard and, of course having fun too!”


How would you describe your coaching style?

“I believe that a sailing coach is best used as a sounding board and a guide. The sailor needs to be able to do their homework, understand what they did throughout the race, and then have a good conversation with their coach about what they did and why they did it. The coach can then guide the sailor giving suggestions to think about the actions and try it. It is key for a coach to develop the sailor’s skill set as well as mindset. I am a true believer that at the highest levels of competition, it becomes a mental game. Once you master the skills, you must master your mind.”

Event coaching at:

U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship