Molly Pleskus

Molly Pleskus

Molly Pleskus is currently the head sailing coach at San Diego Yacht Club. In addition to coaching, she is also an active sailor at San Diego Yacht Club. A sailing related goal that Molly is working towards is continuing to have fun while sailing while experimenting in a variety of boats. Molly describes her coaching style as conversational and comparative as she wants to help sailors build the skill set to notice differences between boat styles and find out what works best for them.


Do you have any advice for sailors attending the US Sailing Championships you are coaching at?

“Make friends and meet new people outside your home area. The regatta is an awesome place to build a network of friends across the country that you will continue to run into and race against through college and beyond.”

Fun fact about Coach Molly:

Molly took a ballet class in college while studying mechanical engineering. Her brother also has two dogs named after fish.

Event coaching at:

U.S. Junior Women’s Doublehanded Championship, c420 fleet